Awesome Or Off-Putting: Revealing NASA UFO Hacker Video

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This week: Ufology

Popular UFO conspiracy has it that the governments of the world are well aware our sweet planet Earth is visited by inhabitants of other worlds. The problem is we can't get any hard evidence of this, as NASA and company generally won't let us see their notepads.

What happens though, when a suspiciously-minded kid also happens to be a computer hacker? He cracks NASA and sees stuff (or at least claims to see stuff) that lend credence to the craziest conspiracies out there. And he gets interviewed by the BBC. We have a link to that interview footage on the next page.

Gary McKinnon
is a Brit who hacked into US government owned computers in search of 'suppressed technology'. The agencies hacked included The Navy, The Army, The Airforce, The Department Of Defense, and NASA.  

McKinnon spun a tale of what he saw in those computers in a recent 16-minute interview with the BBC. Part of his covered subjects here include photos of extraterrestrial UFOs that the US Government seems to be monitoring.

Before any zit-covered computer genius gains foolish and/or dangerous inspiration from McKinnon's actions, watch the interview. He also goes over the soon-to-be consequences of his actions. The US is fighting to get their hands on him, like a mad dog scrapping and snarling at the end of it's taut leash. If they do, they're threatening to lock him up for 60 years.

McKinnon, obviously, sums it all up far better than we ever could, so without further interruption from your favourite entertainment blog, click the link below to see the interview. 

Watch the interview:

Hacker fears 'UFO cover-up' – BBC

[story by Shawn Lindseth]