Awesome Or Off-Putting: Dulce New Mexico’s Alien Friendly Underground Base

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This week: Government Conspiracies/Aliens

The X-Files were right, apparently. Well that's what some would have you believe anyway. Those are the people who believe firmly that the United States government is working in collaboration with extra terrestrials in a secret underground base in Dulce, New Mexico. And what projects are people and ETs standing side by side working on? Why, the genetic alteration of captive human beings in a torturous manner, among other things.

Dulce is a town nestled along New Mexico's northern border. It's a small town – typical in every way. Except that its supposedly the world-hub for alien-human collaboration on horrific genetic experiments. There's very little evidence of the base's existence, but the term 'very little' is a far cry from 'no.'

Best we can tell the Dulce conspiracy theories started in 1956 when Saucer News editor James Moseley claimed the US government was building saucers in an underground base located in a non-specific southwestern US state. More specifically he said:

"'The whole project is so highly classified that ordinary military pilots and even the Air Force's saucer investigators on Project Blue Book could not possibly know about it. In fact, this type of saucer IS NOT built by the American Government AS WE ORDINARILY UNDERSTAND THE WORD 'GOVERNMENT.' As fantastic as this might sound… these saucers are actually built, operated, and maintained by an organisation which is ENTIRELY SEPARATE from the military and political branches of the Government that we know about. Although a handful of people at the very top of the Government know about the existence of this project, they have no direct contact with it… I shall call this secret project, 'The Organisation.'"

Intense, right? Well that was in 1956 – since then we have a good deal more detail on the subject – namely from a man who claims to have interviewed one or more former base employees. He wrote a book on it called The Dulce Book, and goes by the one-name moniker Branton. In his book he claims a lot of things happen at the base – among them:

"(There) are experiments done on fish, seals, birds and mice that are vastly altered from their original forms. There are multi-armed and multi-legged humans and several cages of humanoid bat-like creatures up to seven feet tall. The aliens have taught the humans a lot about genetics, things both useful and dangerous."

It gets worse, as the former employee states in the book:

"I frequently encountered humans in cages, usually dazed or drugged, but sometimes they cried and begged for help. We were told they were hopelessly insane and involved in high-risk drug tests to cure insanity. We were told never to speak to them at all."

The human experiments, depending on the source, occur deep in the base  – either on floor six or seven. That level has come to be known as Nightmare Hall. But that's not all we know about the base, according to some, pretty specific details are publicly known. Wikipedia says:

"In 1969, the base was built northwest of Dulce in joint agreement between CIA and aliens from space. The base is allegedly located on the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation. The entrance is on Mount Archuleta (or Archuleta Mesa). The base gets water and electricity from the Navajo River, and dumps waste water back into the same river. The U.S. government occupies the upper levels of the underground base, while the aliens control the lower levels."

There are claims that a good deal of evidence of the base's existence is floating around. Although almost all of it is questionable and unproven, its still pretty interesting. Here's Wikipedia again:

"Allegedly, a collection of security camera tapes and technical documents were stolen from the base by a disgruntled security officer. These were stored in an unknown location along with the officer's 'flash', a weapon, resembling a flashlight, which is claimed to emit some form of directed radiation. The actual documents which were stolen have not been revealed to the public, however a collection of drawings based on the documents and surveillance footage is available. Sometime in the 1990's a Japanese documentary producer had a 1-minute animation produced, based on the alleged contents of the stolen information. This animation is available on the internet and was never claimed by its creators to be actual footage."

Yeah – it says that Japanese clip is available on the internet, but we sure couldn't find it. We did bring you a clip a while back on Phil Schneidera man who claimed he himself battled aliens at the Dulce Base. There are accounts of at least one other battle. One is given by William Cooper. He tells us about how the US government got its butt kicked by the aliens in 1969. Scientists were taken hostage by the ETs, and 66 people were killed in the battle. Listen to his account – it's right here.

Read More:

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  1. Wade M. says

    I know things were being done somewhere around Regina, NM area. I know for a fact in the late 50’s and 60’s that tunneling, drilling, and pipe line work had been done out there. The USAF was very interested in area and seen out in that area. Some of the very best over land sightings and trace cases have occurred in a multi-state area through out the Midwest. I seen a fantastic and very real deal cube shaped UFO with my two brothers in early 1965 . There were several other very similar UFO’s like that one and we now believe to be different types probes and they have been seen in several states Missouri, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Kansas and in Canada to name a few good cases and large cylinder or cigar shaped mother craft were sometimes seen as well not very far away from these probes. Many in Ufology already know of these sightings. So Yes, I believe there could be something to this story? I also now believe Florida is another area where something is going on and perhaps also underground there as well?

  2. LJ(Bob) says

    Been to Dulce numerous times and have surveyed the area around Mt.Archuleta for vents and activity.Found nothing,but something is very strange about the place,and after being involved in law enforcement investigations for 25yrs(undercover)there is something going on there,Have a bit of advice for anyone that has intentions of going out to Dulce to camp out and look around. 1st always leave someone in camp(armed)2nd never and I mean never go on the reservation unless it is absolutly necessary(unless your Indian).Also never let your guard down always know what is going on around you.Heed these words.SeeYa(Bob)

  3. Deborah Moyer says

    Interesting reading this AM, as I just heard on the news this AM that a “flash” a light saber like device is being developed for law enforcement to blind people.

  4. Johnny B says

    The Japanese footage based on the security guards smuggled tapes is easily available on youtube. You must not have looked very hard.

  5. says

    Hey Johnny B, can you provide us a link to the Youtube video?

    Wonder how the Aliens and the US govt will deal with the NAU, the North American Union when bush erases our borders with Mexico and Canada and creates the common currency, the Amero? All this will be done by 2010.. Another round of meetings to be held 8-20-07 in Montebello, Quebec, with US Troops securing a 25km no free speech zone..

  6. Paradox says

    Look here: and also Although I don’t disbelieve, necessarily, any claims made by the ‘more than one’ individual who has come forward about Dulce, I do know that in his book, Breakthrough, Whitley Strieber sent 2 folks from his Communion Foundation to explore the area in the early 90’s. They weren’t able to confirm any of the supposed Geodesic Dome structures or the rectangular facilities both said to be clearly visible on the sides of the mesa. Same goes for the numbers of military vehicles and other ‘strange goings on’ in the area. They related the whole thing to fear-mongering. Who knows? Looks like if anyone wants to know for sure, they better talk to LJ(Bob).

  7. Wade M. says

    Probably won’t see anything on the surface to give this area away anymore? But, perhaps water samples, ground pentatrding listening devises, or seismic readings would? The search would be very much like that of looking for a submermine deep under water, only in this case they are underground. The depth could be a problum as I heard they could be 2000 feet down or more? Just an idea.

  8. CW says

    Back in 1989 or 1990, I saw the documentary on Dulce while I was in Japan. My comprehension of Japanese was pretty low at the time, but it was pretty intriguing. There was more footage than the 30 second clip on YouTube, but it was all reconstructed. The documentary also had footage of some of the wildlife in Dulce that was mutated. Oddest one was an orange tabby cat that appeared to have extra joints in it’s back legs. Looked like a Kangaroo on all fours when it walked. There was also an interview with an “astronaut” that was living outside of the US and in fear of his life.
    The whole Dulce base thing seems funny to me as there is a lot of contradiction regarding Special Forces fighting aliens there.
    Ah well, it’s amusing.

  9. dave says

    Couldn’t read it because of that fucking ad strip blocking the right half of the article. What’s up with that?

  10. says

    The above map in Dulce looks like it was done by a UFO Phil / J.C. ( That Idiot! ). The story of Dulce was squeezed by Art Bell so much that no juice is left anywhere for George Noori. I been around the areas of Dulce mention above searching for clues, and the only things found were rocks, deers, mexicans & many drunk Indians. Not even Big-Foot hangs around Dulce mountains. Perhaps George Noori could try to play his Ouija Board there to see if he can Hit the Location with luck from the spirit world. Of Course that would only can be played out in his adolescence mind. He is the best CoastToCoast Host on Earth. Nooooooooooot!……. God, George you need to retire. Go back to St. Louis, and don’t come back to a city to big for YA. A few of my fellow intelligent Night-Hawk members left ( mostly are so dumb nowadays ) can have again a Good Professional Host . George leave, give the show a chance to be serious again. Man some of us will even take Phil Hendrie to Host Coast as the paranormal voice , since he now sucks so much on his new show at We rather listen to Phil talking to himself and can do a better Job than you, George. Phil doesn’t care about 2012….George just go back to St Louis ,keep dying your nappy black hair, and write more awful books. Please stop saying every night thanks to Art Bell. He doesn’t care about ya…Stop kissing his butt……… Dulce what a waste of time!!


  11. albig says

    I’ve been running all around that res several times a year for the last 35 years. I’ve seen lots of strange stuff while dodging the drunks passed out on the road but never anything to make me question my own eyes. If you hang out in the NM wild areas enough sooner or later you’re going to like myself see something around here that will challenge your concept of Newtonian physics. But it’s never happened to me up there.
    Interesting though that the town was characterized as “typical small town”. How many small towns in this country do you think have an 8 figure “economic development fund”?
    Typical would not be a good description of Dulce in any sense of the word IMO

  12. JJ says

    Jake, Leave George alone, He’s much better than Art Bell. I cant stand the old fart. He should be investigated for killing his wife.So that’s where Hendrie went. Thanks for the hook up.

  13. Janine B. says


    Stop hating on George Noori and spend some time working on your writing skills. Maybe with the help of your “fellow intelligent Night-Hawk members”, you’ll be able to advance your writing skills to fifth grade level. Should I have capitalized “Night-Hawk”?

  14. says

    Being a remote viewer,psychic and alien cotactee leads me to beleive there is something going on in the north west of dulce on a large farm or factory complex 3 km from town.The complex viewing with google map search has many buildings but the last building on the property is of intreast.Why would a small shed contain a elevator.Can anyone tell me who owns that property.What are the other buildings for,id it a private farm.

  15. I'm just from Dulce. says

    Hello “wayne wells” Which building are you talking about?? To the east of dulce or south west near the mesa? (not archuleta) But across from it.. .

    And yes, my tag name is correct. I am from Dulce and i pretty much can say that 80% of the sightings and so forth is true. Odd sequence of lights and aircraft are seen across our valleys canyons and recently more and more military aircraft fly from the south and directly enter. Military Aircraft such as Apache Helicoptors flying in a formation of 3 or as the largest i’ve seen 5 just this past summer. I have to say as a resident of Dulce. I will say there IS something there. As to what, I don’t know.

    Also there way a comment here or i think it was here about how trees are not able to grow on Archuleta. I can confirm this. It’s been about 15 years since we had the major fire that destroyed the landscape of Archuleta. And despite all efforts nothing will grow on its soil.

  16. Palm Tree says

    Are you talking of this? In the small town of Dulce in NW New Mexico, one block from the PAN AM building is the old high school, now used as an engineering facility by MAKEN & HANGER [originally ZIA Corp.]. Inside the facility is an elevator that leads to Level-1 of a massive underground facility beneath the Dulce [pronounced Dul-see] area which is also known as “Ultra” or “Section-D”, and which runs under main street at a depth of about 200 feet.

  17. the dude says

    yeah i wanna have a look in, see the digs, high five a couple of lizard faces and those skinny looking fellows. o_O lol.

  18. Squidius says

    People call us Kooky for believing and KNOWING this stuff exists, but they said the same thing about The Stealth Bomber and they said the same thing about many of the things that have come out! For instance, I am a Freemason and believe me the stuff I hear about our Fraternal Order of Men who Prize Honor and Virtue above the external advantages then that of Rank and Fortune is really UNBELIEVABLE, but perhaps it’s true 😉

    Things I have experienced lead me to KNOW That a lot of this is true and fact!

  19. craig says

    Oh be quiet. Go grab your Budweiser and watch football or WWF or whatever boring thing that interests you.

  20. says

    hi deb my name is curt,i live in canada,im so into all this it blows my mind,ive been reasearching this stuff for along time,area 51,sightings,you tube bugaboo,and the like,anyway yea that flashlightlight thing,they claim it has variable settings,it has a stun,mild another setting,then obviously a lethal setting,and check this one a setting that lifts anything of any weight,i know all this,as i heard this testimony from the so called employee as well many others that seem to be credible wittness,eg.military personal,cops,as self professed employees,guess that flash may explain the pyramids,stonehenge,etc,and vast weights of rock that have been raised,a thought but i think credible?would explain alot of unanswered questions,anyway hey keep in touch it would be great,be well Deb,yours curt

  21. says

    Everything I don’t know about I want to know about. That’s a bit large but let’s say I won’t soon be calling anyone an oddball, or worse, because they have a fantastic story to tell. Well, maybe I will but, late, I’ll reflect on what I heard and be open-minded to the possibilities.