Is Justin Bieber Becoming a Sloppy Mess?

Justin Bieber shirtless

The curse of the young child celebrity appears to have struck again, knocking down loveable/hateable (delete as appropriate) Canadian pop star Justin Bieber. And boy, are some of his fans pissed.

You see, Bieber manages to lure in an audience that is best described as pre-teen. A lot of his listeners are 8 or 9-year olds who can’t really tell that his music is largely dross, and they simply like him because he appears to be an inoffensive muppet.

Ben Affleck Finally Gains Some Credibility


Ben Affleck’s sitting pretty now on top of the Hollywood heap. Not so long ago the man was the butt of jokes about some of the dirge he’s been attached to, but suddenly 2013 became the year of Affleck. He’s critically acclaimed and publicly lauded for his work as a director and actor in “Argo”, ending up with one of those Oscar statuettes that mean that yes, the people like you, they really like you.

It’s been a career of peaks and troughs, with some high notes and a lot of low ones. The whole thing started inauspiciously 40 years ago, when Affleck was born. Already he was forced to contend with great difficulties: his birth name was Benjamin G?za Affleck-Boldt, for one thing, ensuring no-one at school could possibly take him seriously.

Seth McFarlane and The Onion Had A Terrible Oscars Night


So in case you hadn’t noticed that night of inoffensive behaviour and backslapping called the Oscars happened this weekend. And truthfully, like ‘Lincoln’, the film for which Daniel Day-Lewis won his third Oscar and was anointed the best actor, like, ever for, the whole thing was three and a half hours of boredom.

There were long speeches punctuated by a sense of mock reverence for something which ought to be insulted for all its worth. It was dull, dull, dull, and for the most part, totally pointless.

Madonna Shows Her Age By Joining Instagram Once Everyone’s Abandoned It


Poor Madonna. In a desparate attempt to remain hip, cool and happening (three words that no-one under the age of 55 uses) she desperately clings to various attempts to be relevant – and often ends up falling arse over elbow.

It’s like your grandparents joining Facebook then friend requesting you. Suddenly, you feel like everything you do is disgusting and terrible. So of course Madge keeps trying similar things. Her latest is being on Instagram.

Justin Timberlake’s Suit and Tie Aren’t So Fashionable

Justin Timberlake

People of the world, rejoice! Justin Timberlake is literally bringing sexy back by simply existing in our lives and making sweet, sweet music. After a long hiatus, Timberlake’s decided to release a new album, called Suit and Tie, and he’s going all in on the branding and PR blitz that follows.

It seems like every moment he possibly gets he mentions it. Even the wearing of a suit and tie – one of his usual wardrobe staples – becomes an opportunity to scream loudly “HEY DID YOU GUYS KNOW THAT I HAVE AN ALBUM OUT TITLED THE SAME THING I’M WEARING? HOW WEIRD RIGHT?!”

Rihanna’s Engaged And If You Say Anything About it Chris Brown Will Punch You


Look carefully at this picture. It’s the end of society. And no, not in the way you think. Yes, it does look like some sort of creep alien overlord with a claw that could rip your eyes out has taken over the world and is about to put us into bondage and slavery but actually it’s the hand of Rihanna, taken last night at the Grammy awards.

So what, you might be saying? It’s a hand. But look closer.

Justin Bieber is a Closet UK Conservative?!

Justin Bieber

From the WTF files comes this strange story about Justin Bieber. Apparently he’s engaging himself in UK politics, like all Canadian tweeny-bopper pop stars ought to, because really, what else are they going to do with their lives?

And the way he’s chosen to do that isn’t by talking about how young people should go out and rock the vote, or anything, because that’s far too conventional.

No, instead he’s doing something different. He’s actively supporting one party – and one that seems to be incredibly out of touch with much of modern society and by definition, his fanbase.

Mila Kunis May Be In 50 Shades Of Grey And That’s Alright With Me

Mila Kunis

Guys, I have great news! Not since, well, ever has someone been able to present such absolutely, uneqivocally awesome news to the world. It’s like how I imagine the disciples who managed to announce Jesus’ arrival felt, except ten times better because this has a modicum of truth to it.

Guys, Mila Kunis might be in 50 Shades of Grey.

Harry Styles Isn’t The Only One Direction Member Who Sleeps Around

Zayn Malik

You may be forgiven for thinking that One Direction is literally a one-man band. “Harry Styles this, Harry Styles that” seems to be all that we hear in newspapers daily. And yes, we know about Harry’s activity between the sheets. We’ve had the long list of girlfriends that have become little more than notches in his bedpost. But did you know that he’s not the only one to be getting up to that kind of behavior in the band?!

That’s right. Come on down, Zayn Malik!

Daniel Day-Lewis Is The World’s Craziest Method Actor

Daniel Day-Lewis

I’ve never got the concept of method acting. To me, it just seems a very strange thing to do. You’re inhabiting this strange world on celluloid; why would you want to then act like a primadonna or an emotionally confused or scarred person when the cameras stop rolling? Yet some of the best actors we have seen have been method actors – and Daniel Day-Lewis is one of the best modern proponents.

He’s in Lincoln, which has managed to break all kinds of records for interest and box office attendance, because people want to know the story behind one of the most famous Presidents of the United States ever. And Day-Lewis is the man himself.