Audrey Hepburn Without Makeup

Audrey Hepburn Looking Good

Ranked third among the Greatest Female Stars of All-Time by the American Film Institute, the incomparable Audrey Hepburn is a movie and fashion icon. Two decades after her death, today’s teenagers are still?familiar with her classic image from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and influenced by her simple sophistication and elegance?… drawn perhaps to qualities that are decidedly lacking in many contemporary celebrities.

Much more than a pretty face, Audrey was also a respected performer … one of the only ones in history able to claim?Academy, Tony, Emmy, and Grammy Awards. A true lady, she epitomizes grace and elegance, and Audrey Hepburn without makeup is simply stunning.

Audrey Hepburn Without Makeup

It appears in the first photo that Audrey is wearing a very minimal amount of makeup. Her eyebrows are a bit alarming with their exaggeratedly pointed arches, but otherwise she’s gorgeous. Her?eyes are enormous and?beautiful, and the fact that her nose and upper lip are ever so slightly asymmetrical is very charming.

The next photo was taken in Audrey’s later years when she was essentially retired from acting and devoting her life to UNICEF. She is stunning in her graceful self-possession.

Audrey Hepburn Without Makeup


  1. michele frankovich says

    Audrey Hepburn was always easily elegant with a twinkle in her eye, funny, charming, and utterly captivating. Between her and Sophia Loren (whom I knew) there are none out there in today’s public to even be considered a star – except Meryl Streep. They are gracious (were re Audrey Hepburn) and generous. May the gauche Kardashians review films’ history and how they would like to be seen publicly.

  2. Teriqua Jones says

    When a woman has a beautiful soul, she will never grow old and be forever beautiful. Audrey Hepburn could have stayed maintained her career as a movie star, she certainly maintained her looks.
    She chose to devote her time to helping children through UNICEF. Indeed she exemplifies true beauty.

  3. Teriqua Jones says

    I’ll bet she is older than your Grandmother in the second picture. And she was not wearing make-up. Does your Grandmother look that good? You should apologize.

  4. kathy baker says

    Audrey was one class act. With or without makeup she was incredibly beautiful, elegant, gracious and caring. It’s a real pity that she passed away relatively young. There was more work for UNICEF to be done and perhaps one or two great films left in her before she retired from the scene.

  5. dan says

    Without makeup she just looked like audrey without makeup. i was surprized! because i thought maybe shed look intilely diferent. As a ( nonprofesional) But i have the talent for art and design, art you have all kinds mediums to make a person look like they have makeup on. makeup also covers up uneven skin color, freckals and it acentuates. So it is for people of all colors they just don’t want to admit it. Even elizabeth taylor had makeup on

  6. Arnold Guadagnini says

    There are many lovely remembrances of Audrey Hepburn online, the BBC documentary by her son Sean, I found particularly touching. If you haven

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