Aubrey O’Day Without Makeup

Aubrey O'Day Looking Good

Did you know that Aubrey O?Day, best known as the trashy-looking girl who lost to Arsenio Hall on Celebrity Apprentice, is also a singer? The 28-year old first stepped into the spotlight on Diddy?s reality television show Making The Band, and then achieved mega-stardom as one of the five members of the resulting and?overwhelmingly awful girl group, Danity Kane.

(Just kidding, Danity Kane never really took off and thankfully had a very short lifespan, giving the world?a welcome reprieve from?O’Day … until last season’s Celebrity Apprentice. I wasn’t kidding about the band being overwhelmingly awful.)

The lovely Ms. O’Day has cultivated and mastered an extremely skanky look that consists of way too much makeup, way too much hair, and?very few clothes.?Perhaps it’s just my kind and optimistic nature, but I think you?can still see the slightest glimmer of natural beauty hidden?way?beneath her garish makeup. I want to believe that Aubrey O?Day without makeup looks nice. Even clean.

Aubrey O'Day Without Makeup

Wrong! The first photo is one that?she shared?of?herself?to quiet those who criticize her appearance and to show what she really looks like underneath all the glitz and glamour. Sadly, it seems that what she really looks like?is still all hair and boobs. It’s difficult to see her face in the dim lighting, but it is obvious that she does look better, in my opinion, without so much makeup. Perhaps she could find a happy medium.

In the next photo she is not?completely clean-faced, you can see some eyeliner, but compared to her normally heavy mask, she is as fresh as a baby. While it’s awfully heart-wrenching to see such a class act looking upset, she actually looks weirdly pretty. Like a still shot of a scene from a soap opera. She has a nice complexion and cheekbones, and whether or not her lips have been surgically-assisted, they look alright. So take it easy, Aubrey. You’re a naturally pretty girl. Stop overdoing it.

Aubrey O'Day Without Makeup


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