Video: Arrested Development The Movie Is Officially “A Go”

One morning, when we were very young, our father burst into our room to tell us that overnight our mother had somehow transformed into 322 lbs (he weighed it first thing) of gold bullion, and we were all rich beyond our wildest dreams. This was good news.

In college we didn’t graduate, but on commencement day we did find someone else’s bachelor degree lying on the floor. Once it was framed and wall-mounted, our friends said they couldn’t tell there was a slight font change where our name started. This too, was good news.

People have finally stopped talking about Proposition 8. Slap that right on the good news list as well.

Do you know what news is better than all those combined? Its that Jeffrey Tambor has recently said that as-per a very recent telephone conversation with Mitch Hurwitz, the Arrested Development movie is “a go.”

Dry your eyes, get out of bed and it’s ok to start eating again – the Bluth Company has somehow survived this all-consuming economic downturn. The Arrested Development movie has been rumored yes and no pretty much since the show’s plug got pulled.

Chalk this up on the ‘yes’ side – and pretty concretely too. According to Jeffrey Tambor everything is pleasently plowing ahead.

No official start-of-filming date has been given yet, but still – saints be praised.

See for yourself…