Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Disgusting Naked Sex Photo to Shock the World

Bob-GuccioneA?photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger engaged in a “sex act” and?unpublished nude photos of a young Madonna were recently discovered?amongst private items formerly owned by Penthouse publisher, Bob Guccione. At least one porn site has already made a bid for the photos with the intention to publish them online.

I have to say, there’s very little less appealing to me than seeing Arnold?Schwarzenegger performing anything, much less a sex act. And the world is certainly not suffering from?any lack of nude photos of Madonna. (Search on “Madonna nude” and dozens pop up.)

Evidently, hedge fund manager and investor, Jeremy Frommer, purchased storage spaces that had been owned by?Bob Guccione prior to his death in 2010?and contained the aforementioned salacious photos. To borrow the eloquent words of Corey Price, the?Marketing Director of?

“[Jeremy] found hidden treasure by finding some serious Hollywood ‘booty.'” has offered Jeremy $150,000 for publishing rights to the photos, which frankly seems a bit low. For comparison, Jessica Simpson got paid $800,000 for?photos of her baby. Is a glimpse of?Arnie’s dick worth so much less? Judging by the average perviness of the general public, I’m willing to bet that people are more interested in photos of nude celebrities than in a celebrity’s baby. Personally, I am disgusted by Arnold Schwarzenegger in every way, but a photo of his “Schwantz” is still more interesting to me than a?yet another baby pic. (On the other hand,?apparently you don’t need to try to hard to get a peek of the real thing, so perhaps the proposed figure is high.)


Also among the Penthouse stash were nude photos of gorgeous, gap-toothed model/actress Lauren Hutton. Supposedly, the head of Hustler, Larry Flynt, once offered Lauren $1 million to pose nude, but she declined.?Lauren has posed naked before, though not as avidly as Madonna. Most notably, she posed for an 8-page full-on nude spread in Big Magazine in 2005 when she was 61 years old … but still looking shockingly good.

Other items included in the storage space are Bob’s?correspondence with both Dick Cheney (clearly a closet pervert) and the Unabomber (ditto), as well as enormous amounts of amateur submissions to the magazine.