Anne Hathaway Poos On Barack Obama’s Cheesecake

We miss the election – truly it was the golden age of celebrities trying to be clever and ending up sounding like concussed sixth-formers.

Those days are long gone now – in less than a fortnight Barack Obama will become President Obama and the world’s celebrities can go back to concentrating on the important stuff, like skipping meals and starring in films about hilarious doggies.

That’s unless you’re Anne Hathaway. Anne Hathaway has decided to become a one-woman vetting committee determined not to let Barack Obama off the hook for anything. And she’ll chase answers with all the power that her gigantic face can summon.

This is just a stab in the dark, but we’re guessing that Anne Hathaway probably has one or two man issues at the moment. She’s let men into her life before, and she was so blinded by their charisma and charm that she didn’t notice they were sneaking away to rip off loads of old ladies by dressing up as the Pope and asking for all their money behind her back.

Fool Anne Hathaway once, though, shame on you. But fool her and she can’t get fooled again. And that’s why Anne Hathaway is determined not to let another man get close to her unless he earns her trust completely. And that’s as true for imminent American presidents as it is for squat little European men with funny voices and a bishop’s mitre stashed in their filing cabinet.

During last year’s endless American election, the celebrity reaction was fairly universal – John McCain and Sarah Palin were so terrifying that all they could do was film themselves spinning around in their garden spouting gibberish, while Barack Obama was such a glowing beacon of hope that their awe of him could only be expressed via toe-curlingly awful songs.

So, in the run-up to Barack Obama’s inauguration, you’d expect nothing but undying support and the odd breakout of gormless whooping among the celebrity community, but not so – Anne Hathaway has decided to take a stand against Obama’s decision to let tubby evangelist nutjob Rick Warren do his invocation during the ceremony.

Taking time out from her promotional tour of Bride Wars – which is a Kate Hudson movie so presumably she’s playing Matthew McConaughey – Anne Hathaway told E! Online:

“I expect him to explain that choice of Rick Warren. I don’t get it. All my friends and I were trying to figure it out, but we just can’t. So I’d love that.”

Good for Anne Hathaway, we say – politicians shouldn’t lose accountability just because Matt Damon happens to like them. In fact, we’re so impressed by Anne’s dogged pursuit for political transparency that we’d like her to go into politics full time. Actually, to be more accurate, we’d like her to go into the study of special and general relativity full time until she’s able to build a time machine, unmake Bride Wars and Get Smart and then go into into politics. Shouldn’t be too tricky.

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