Anna Wintour Has A Sick Sense Of Awesome Humor

Anna Wintour vs Kim Kardashian

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West?have been lobbying HARD to get Kim on the cover of American?Vogue magazine for quite some time.? They’ve been practically licking the bony ass of Anna Wintour, the Satan spawn editor in chief with the little Dutch boy haircut.?

In return, Wintour has not only rejected Kim, but?has taken to passive aggressive stunt moves to?rub tons of salt in Kim’s wounded ego.? The latest one involves Kim’s younger sister. Not Khloe, we all know she doesn’t have nearly enough inner thigh gap for Wintour’s tastes, but Kendall, the one who’s been letting her areolas go public.?

Forever now, Kimye have been doing whatever they can to?try and get Kim’s Botox face on the cover of prestigious fashion magazine, Vogue.? For some reason, they seem to think that the chick who dresses like this :

Kim Kardashian Couch Dress

I’m a chaise, not a couch!

is the epitome of high fashion and should be recognized as such.? Of course, the driving force behind this joke is Kanye West, who feels he has not gotten enough credit for the amazing design creation that is leather sweat pants, so all the insanity makes sense.

Anna Wintour is a soul crushing wench who was the inspiration or The Devil Wears Prada.? She believes in skinning animals for cuteness, that if you can’t see your ribs you aren’t throwing your food up enough, and that a 1980s bang is still an fashionable look.? She lacks both a soul or a sense of humor.? OR SO I THOUGHT!

It all started the night of the infamous “couch dress” pictured above,?when Wintour featured West as one of her “Best Dressed” but made sure to crop Kim’s Raymour and Flannigan ass out of the picture.??The burn was deep.? Then recently, Wintour hired younger Kardashian half-sister, Kendall Jenner, to start doing some modeling for Vogue’s website.? In a move that you know made Kardashian’s head spin, Kendall’s piece was full of selfies and a lack of Photoshop, which just is a concept that “Control/Alt/Liquify” Kim cannot grasp.? Now, that was eye brow raising enough, but it is Wintour’s next move that really solidify her as a new ally in my mind.

Wintour was at the Topshop Unique fashion show this week, front row of course.? And just who happened to be sitting next to her?

Anna Wintour Kendall Jenner Topshop show

Suck it, Kim.

Ohhhh shit son.? And Wintour is even cracking a smile?? You know this is 100% an intentional “Eff you!” to Kim and I am loving it.? This is all obviously just leading up to the inevitable.? Kendall Jenner will soon be on the cover Kim and Kanye so desperately want.? And West is going to lose his bat shit crazy mind.? There will be Twitter rants.? There will be radio scream sessions.? There will be voodoo dolls of Wintour that will be burned during a concert.? It’s going to be an epic meltdown.

Well played, Ms. Wintour.