Anna Nicole Smith Babydaddy Betting Odds: Howard K Stern

Anna Nicole Smith babydaddy betting odds Howard K SternIt's day two of our slightly tasteless – yet somehow entire appropriate – look at the runners and riders who are claiming that they knocked Anna Nicole Smith up enough for her to pop a baby out before she died.

Yesterday we started our Anna Nicole Smith babydaddy betting odds off by looking at the two rank outsiders – one of Anna Nicole's bodyguards and some lunatic old German guy who probably never even met her. But enough with the smalltalk – today we're getting serious and focusing on someone who already is the father of Anna Nicole Smith's daughter, in writing at least. And that's all the proof he needs, even if about a million other people want him to spit in a cup just so they can make sure.

Here's today's Anna Nicole Smith babydaddy betting odds for – you guessed it – Howard K Stern. Betting odds, as ever, come from Paddy Power

Howard K Stern – This time a couple of weeks ago, the most famous Howard Stern in the world was the big-nosed radio gonk, but that all changed the minute that Anna Nicole Smith's lawyer Howard K Stern stamped his name on Dannielynn Hope's birth certificate. Since then Howard Stern has been through a hokey-looking 'love ceremony' on a boat with Anna Nicole Smith and has done all he can to wriggle out of taking a DNA paternity test. And then Anna Nicole Smith died, and Howard K Stern has been called everything from evil incarnate to Anna Nicole Smith's methadone supplier to an Anna Nicole Smith fantasist to an out-an-out homosexual. The fact that Anna Nicole Smith's house was 'burgled' minutes after her death – and the weird video of Howard K Stern and Larry Birkhead watching Anna Nicole Smith getting off with a doctor in a nightclub – suggest that Howard K Stern might not be letting onto everything he knows about Anna Nicole Smith. But, hey, Howard K Stern says he's the father of Anna Nicole Smith's daughter, and if you can't believe a man who made his living harassing the family of a dead billionaire to pay the pornstar he was briefly married to millions of dollars, who can you believe? Current Anna Nicole Smith babydaddy betting odds – 3/1

Tomorrow – There's more. Oh, there's more. But if that's too long to wait – or you feel like making more money than you know what to do with – head right over to the Paddy Power Anna Nicole Smith Babydaddy betting odds page to see the latest, and best, betting odds.


  1. Pobetter says

    You know, I’m starting to soften to Stern. He can’t be as evil as everyone makes out. Can he?

  2. Adam Gade says

    Correction LF, she was in softcore, qualifying her as said pornstar. Albeit not in the Jenna Jameson league.