Angelina Jolie Is A Lovely Big Humanitarian – U.N

Angelina_jolie_humanitarianAngelina Jolie has been given an award by the United Nations, who have officially recognised her efforts as a goodwill ambassador for the UN High Commission For Refugees.

Boy oh boy – Jennifer Aniston must be fuming.

Over the last four years, Angelina Jolie (DVDs) has been a prolific
supporter of rights for refugees. As well as adopting two of them –
Maddox from Cambodia and Zahara from Ethiopia – she has also published online journals,
made a number of documentaries and hosted awards ceremonies to promote issues surrounding refugees.

Accepting the humanitarian award in New York yesterday, Angelina
said that she found it "strange" to be honoured in such a way, but

"Second to my children, spending time with refuges
and other persons of persons of need around the world has been the
greatest gift. It’s been the greatest life lesson I could ever receive. After my first trip to a refugee camp, I made a promise
that I would try to help others to understand everything that I was
fortunate enough to witness… I feel very, very privileged to be a very small part of (the U.N)."             

of which means that Jennifer Aniston needs to raise her game.

In our
minds, Angelina and Jennifer are having a giant – probably entirely imagined – tussle for the hearts of the
world. Jennifer scored early by being the spurned wife in the whole Jen
‘n’ Brad ‘n’ Angie
shebang, and she was initially helped by Angelina
saying that she’d never break-up a marriage – something that is very
likely to turn out to be an obvious lie.

But lately the tables have been turning in Jolie’s favour. While she
flies around the world happily tending to all kinds or orphans, Aniston
stays at home, screaming at the sea and holding "pity parties".

Angelina has gained all kinds of lovely-points by actually receiving an honour
from the United Nations for being such a lovely person. Jennifer tried
to score some lovely-points by going on Oprah and talking about
sunsets, but she just ended up looking like a big stupid hippy.

We’re scoring it 2-1 to Jolie at the moment. Let’s see if Jennifer can claw her way back into contention.

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[story by Stuart Heritage]