Angelina Jolie: A Lesbian, Not A Housewife

You know Angelina Jolie? Angelina Jolie the all-adopting friendly face of the UN with a slightly disappointing movie sideline? Turns out that Angelina Jolie is also a flipping lesbian as well.

A Sky One documentary – Angelina – Saint Or Sinner? – was broadcast last night, and the show claimed that as well as having Brad Pitt chasing her all over the shop, Angelina Jolie still regularly meets with supermodel Jenny Shimizu for a touch of the girl-on-girl.

Back in 1993, Angelina Jolie (DVDs) was filming Foxfire – a not-very-good
sounding story about a group of girls that gang up and kill their
teacher. And Angelina Jolie’s co-star was noted lesbian Jenny Shimizu. Although at
that point Angelina was with Johnny Lee Miller, it didn’t stop Angelina
and Jenny from getting it on during the shoot.

Since then, Angelina Jolie has turned into the Brad Pitt-snaring, refugee adopting, award-winning face of the mainstream. But Jenny Shimizu claims that the lesbian relationship has
carried on:

always had lovers that she relies on. If she can ring you and you can
meet up then she can take care of her sexual needs. Whenever
she calls me up I visit her. It’s not always the case that we have sex.
Sometimes we go to her property in Cambodia and explore the jungle.
It’s definitely more of a deeper friendship. She’s the person I’ll
always care about and always help and always be there for.”

Explore the jungle. We’re not even going there.

Jenny Shimizu, who sports a rather fetching tattoo of a woman
sitting on a spanner on her arm, got married to publicity hungry lesbian-ish Rebecca Loos last year
for a TV show. But that hasn’t stopped her casting aspersions on Brad
Pitt, who reportedly is desperate to get married to Angelina Jolie himself:

“It seems like he comes from a
different place. He
wants to have kids and he wants to have a perfect marriage. She’s a
tough woman who will do everything she wants to. I don’t think there is
any way of controlling Angelina. She’s not going to be a housewife… I’m not saying she sleeps with a lot of people. But I can’t imagine her just being married and being happy.”

At this point, you’d probably expect us to make some lame lesbian Mrs And Mrs Smith joke. Well, we’re not.

We searched eBay for the term "lesbian". For you. And look what we found.

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[story by Stuart Heritage]