Andy Samberg’s Lonely Island Crew Makes Magic With “Spring Break Anthem”

Spring Break AnthemAndy Samberg and his pals, Akiva Schaffer and?Jorma Taccone, who together form the epic band, The Lonely Island, should probably be deified for?their newest piece of gold, “Spring Break Anthem.” The frenzied video juxtaposes the time-honored rowdiness of spring break?with the joyful planning and tender?consummation of gay marriage. It makes?zero sense, but it’s hilarious.

The release of this video marks the debut installment of a lovely new Hump Day tradition begun by the trio, called “Wack Wednesdays,”?in which they?post new material weekly until the release of their new?album, “The Wack Album,” on June 11th.

The video begins?with a brief episode of?Zach Galifianakis’ chat show Between Two Ferns, in which he interviews the disheveled but gorgeous James Franco. When James tells Zach that he would love to someday work with Edward Norton, Zach responds with the obvious suggestion … that he should marry him.

And thus the show?segues seamlessly into the introduction of the musical guest, The Lonely Island, and their music video, which *surprise!* features Edward Norton AND James Franco AND Zach Galifianakis. And yes, they’re getting married. To each other.

Here are a few samples of the song’s brilliant and thought-provoking lyrics:

?Trashing hotel rooms, clogging up toilets, beer-goggles if she?s a hag / Planning the menu, picking out flowers, nailing sluts, and writing our vows.?

?Seating arrangements, charming the in-laws, ripping beer bongs, sex with a man / We?ll be so happy, true love forever, two kings walking hand in hand.”

“Promise to cherish, trust, and respect him, crushing pussy, marry a man. ?

It’s magical from start to finish.