Andie MacDowell Without Makeup

Andie MacDowell Looking Good

I never understood why Emilio Estevez’s character?went so?crazy for?Andie MacDowell’s?in St?Elmo’s Fire.?She was too tall for him, had?too much hair flying all over the place and?that?awful accent, and he looked pathetic.?I can appreciate that she beautiful, but she’s not my type … and I think we can all agree that if she’s not my type, she shouldn’t be anyone’s.

She was a better match for Bill Murray in Groundhog Day.?He’s awesome, but let’s face it, she’s?way out of his league looks-wise, so I can root for that. I couldn’t stand her in Four Weddings and a Funeral … cutish movie, but she sucked.?She’s more or less faded into the sunset since that time, popping up periodically to pimp for her daughters or to cameo on sitcoms or TV movies.

Now?54 years old, Andie actually carries her age well. She looks healthy, like she’s not troubled by the wrinkles and thickening and the graying, though that is not to say that she looks good. There’s still the hair to contend with and her massive teeth, but for her age, Andie MacDowell without makeup doesn’t?look too terrible.

Andie MacDowell Without Makeup

While her outfit is quite garish in the above photo, her face doesn’t terrible without makeup. She looks her age, frankly. It’s easy to envision the wonders that?just the tiniest dabs of concealer under her eyes would do to brighten her up, but she has a very handsome face.

The next photo of Andie without makeup is also not terribly flattering, but she does look pretty good for her age.?She’s not trying … and that can be cool or unfortunate, depending on the target … but in my opinion,?that lack of vanity from?a former model leans towards cool.?While she looks a bit tired and?a bit frowzy with that hair bursting out around the top, she really doesn’t look bad.

Andie MacDowell Without Makeup


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