Amy Childs Without Makeup

Amy Childs Looking Good

Reality show personality, Amy Childs, will live forever in history books?as the person responsible for?popularizing the term “vajazzling.” Sadly, after achieving that pinnacle of highbrow notoriety, one can only go downhill … way way downhill.

The painfully tacky Amy first garnered public attenetion?on the?first two seasons of?ITV2’s award-winning series The Only Way is Essex. She then?took a turn on the UK’s Celebrity Big Brother, and was?named Personality of the Year at the National Reality TV Awards in 2011.

If you can look beyond her extremely heavy makeup, big hair, and overall gaudy presentation,?22-year old Amy is actually quite beautiful. Decidely less showy and barely recognizable, Amy Childs without makeup doesn’t look?bad at all.

Amy Childs Without Makeup

In the first photo of Amy without makeup, she was photographed for Now Magazine. She admits that she doesn’t feel comfortable without makeup on, and you can see that in this photo. Her usual in-your-face bravado is missing and she looks a bit timid and much younger without her usual heavy makeup.?Possibly more surprising than her clean face is her flat hair and sensible sweater. She’s a bit plain, but actually quite nice-looking.

In the next photo,?other than her massive earrings and hot pink nails, Amy is quite simply done up. The sunglasses obscure her eyes, but it is possible to see the light?freckles that cover her face. It’s hard to tell if her lips are freckled as well or if they’re blistered or herpetic. All three are distinctly possible. This is not a terribly flattering photo, but it is nice to see her dressed-down.?Amy Childs Without Makeup

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