Amber Rose Without Makeup

Amber Rose Looking Good

Model, singer, and video vixen,?Amber Rose first seared her mark on the public eye in 2008 when she?began dating Kanye West and?quickly became well-known for her eccentric style?and bodacious figure.

Now engaged to rapper,?Wiz Khalifa, and expecting her first child,?you might expect the 28-year old to tone down her?flamboyant style, but don’t hold your breath. Even when she’s casual and not out to shock,?Amber Rose without makeup still looks edgy, unique,?and extremely pretty.

Amber Rose Without Makeup

Without the buzzed hair, it would be difficult to recognize Amber Rose?in the?first photo of her with a clean face. Typically, despite her penchant for wild, elaborate makeup, photos?of her do not focus exclusively on her face … you see the whole package, busting out everywhere. In this case, when forced to look at her face, she just looks like a regular person (with a peroxided buzz). It’s true that?she looks like she’s about to start singing the?Thong Song, but overall her complexion is gorgeous and she looks very simple and pretty.

I think Amber Rose looks really?great in the next photo of her without makeup. In work-out clothes and weird glasses, she has a slightly strange expression on her face that makes her look like Tiger Woods (a sexy, blonde/bald Tiger Woods with a giant cleavage). She actually looks amazing. Less the crazy makeup and slutty clothes, she’s a very pretty woman.

Amber Rose Without Makeup




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