There’s Bad Decisions, And Then There’s Amber Rose’s New Tattoo

amber-roseWe live in a world where celebrities don’t see nothing wrong with a little bump ‘n’ grind?with their director, 72 day marriages or having a secret lovechild with the maid, so it’s always nice when couples like Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa come along to remind us that famous couples?can?be devoted to each other.?

It would be even nicer if they could do it in a way that doesn’t cause other people to cringe so hard that it does permanent damage to their spine. Amber Rose has decided that having a baby with her ‘true love’ just wasn’t enough of a sign that she’s in it for the long haul, and chose to go down the ever-romantic route of etching him permanently into her skin. Whatever you’re picturing right now, it’s worse.?


Told you. Amber has considerately placed it slap-bang on the top of her arm, presumably to remind people why she’s considered famous when she’s attempting to foxtrot on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ five years from now. If that’s the case, then maybe it would be more helpful to get Kanye West’s face on the other arm.

Amber boasted her poor life-choice on her Instagram account with the caption “True Love #Cam&Amb :-)”. Christ, even that would have made a better tattoo. At least she could have covered it up by making it appear like she’s really got a thing for Camembert cheese when they eventually break up. By the way, Cameron is Wiz’s real name. That’s right, she’s got a tattoo of a man that voluntarily refers to himself as ‘Wiz’.

wiz khalifa and amber rose

Possibly the saddest thing about this whole situation is the fact that this was obviously the best photo they could find of him. One that looks like there’s a spliff the size of a baby’s arm just out of frame. C’mon Wiz, if you’re baby-mama’s willing to let your mug scar her forever, the least you can do is take a couple of nice selfies. Or at least take your hat off.

It seems only fair now that Wiz should get a tattoo of Amber. She’s a ‘model’, so there are probably hundreds of nice photos to choose from. Perhaps one that was taken by a world renowned photographer like Terry Richardson would be a good idea…

Kanye licking Amber Rose's head


  1. Cat says

    That is, despite the subject matter, a fantastic tattoo. It’s her body so she gets to ink it how she wants.

    I always find it amazing how different countries have different attitudes to (women with) tattoos – UK and USA; seem to see women with tattoos as sluts – NZ; it’s a cultural thing and artistic and not considered slutty or gangster-ish – France; women with tattoos (tasteful obvs) are considered sexy – I live in France now and have several tattoos from my time in the UK and it’s lovely to not be judged on them – I consider them a form of art and just because someone has a tattoo, doesn’t make them a lower class person.

    Amber is beautiful and happy and she wants to shout about it – i’m sure we can all let her and wish her well, don’t you?

  2. Marie says

    hmmmm…. I wonder where you live in France but if you live in the south of France, people have more tatoos than in Paris and its region. I guess because the weather is nicer over there so there’s more occasion to show it up. But if you want to look like a classy woman, it’s better not to do tattoos, this is not something we value in our french culture. French style is really classic but glad for you if nobody judges you but doesn’t mean they don’t think it’s not gangsterish…

  3. Melanie says

    Y yall hatin yall probably got the same thing on some part of your body Let them do them she can always cover it up or betta yet they could just STAY together

  4. Sonya says

    I hope they don’t break up because that would suck if they did and she got his face on her body 4 ever. But that is her dumb choice. I do not like the whole tattoo thing because its a permanent on your body forever. All of this tattoo is ridiculous. Well, take some pictures now while you are young because all of you all with these tats on your face, neck arms, legs and etc are definitely going to be some uggggggllllllllyyyyyy old people if you’re not already. I always hear most say it’s a way to express yourself (stupid excuse), but what ever happen to crayola crayons and some paper???? You can get these supplies for a $1.

  5. linda says

    tattoos are gross and lower class look on any ones body,no matter how beautiful you are.

  6. jessica says

    This is her body so let her be everyone is entitled to there own opinion of art ,beauty so on and so forth.What one person may thinks is classy does not mean it is so.people express things in different ways if a person asked me why i got a tattoo i would say because i wanted one no explanation needed .like beyonce says Im a grown woman and i do whatever i want.

  7. kanessa says

    Don’t judge a book by its cover….. There are a lot of success and smart people with tattoos. tattoos are an expression and form art that describes a person personality, love and dedication. Its a form of art that speaks of a persons past, present and future. U don’t like them don’t get them but don’t down or talk bad about another person decision!!!!

  8. Jessica says

    Amber Rose you are an inspiration! You seem to be deeply in love with a man who (from the outside) looks like he treats you like a queen!! When you are 80 you will have a profoundly important piece of art from a time you felt such love, whether you are still with him or not. This kind of love should be immortalised and people who affect and change your life will always be with you on some level. Tattoos are permanent (mostly) and life-changing-love is as well, I think it’s poetic and a beautiful expression of this. Real love lasts even if the world has a habit of getting in the way sometimes. Amber will always be a better person for having Wiz in her life and all power to her for decorating her OWN body to tell the world this.

  9. lady says

    I think amb & cam look great together and what does it matter that she has her baby father tatted on her he’s apart of her history no matter what even if they don’t make it together.. the media kills me instead of praying for peoples happiness they pray for your downfall all for a great story ,,, people should focus more on themselves and what they got going on. FOLLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM YOU NOSEY MUTHA FUCKERSSSSSSSS @FLYINKDIVA_PAPERSPREAD MY TEAM TATT ALL DAY SO COME GET YA LOVE 1 FACE TATTED ON YOU !!!!!!!!! FLY INK DIVAZ !!!!!!! TATT TEAM !!!!!

  10. aaron says

    How is it her dumb choice if they haven’t broken up. Just because you don’t approve of tattoos doesn’t mean you have the right to ruin someone else’s standpoint on tattoos. Like what some people have stated or implied that there are cultures or past ancestry who live by having tattoos on their body but is it right to judge them based off what they lived by? I highly doubt it. What people fail to realize is that no one doesn’t really care whether you or society disapproves of based on tattoos. Its what they feel comfortable with especially with whats on their body. Old people being ugly because they have a tattoo? What needs to be focused is manners towards the elderly, you’re worried about judging a person over ink when what you should be looking out for is looking at someone’s inner appearance. People can express themselves on paper but having something significant on their body is dearly to them. If you have nothing to say thats positive about her decision them you should not say a word. Better keep the tongue in one’s mouth to appear wise rather than have it out to say something foolish