Amber Heard Without Makeup

amber heard no makeup

Bi-sexual gun lovin, Johnny Depp dating Amber Heard is an attractive woman. She’s also had an underwhelming career as an actress so far. But who cares? She’s hot.

While she looks good on the red carpet, especially with the blonde hair red lip pin-up look, pictures of Amber Heard without makeup show that she is indeed a natural beauty. Obviously she isn’t as attractive without the help of perfectly styled hair, immaculate smokey eyes and a ton of bronzer but she’s still highly fuckable.

For example, take a look at these pictures of her leaving the Matsuhisa restaurant in Beverly Hills on the 23th of September 2012.

amber heard without makeup

amber heard without makeup
Doesn’t she look like a Seattle grunge rocker from the 90s? I totally miss her classy blonde hair but this dirty brunette look could catch on. At first when I saw the first picture, I thought it was Edward Furlong with long hair. Bisexual people must be oddly aroused.

Now Amber Heard isn’t totally self-conscious like a bat-shit crazy Amanda Bynes but she isn’t often seen out and about without makeup. Imagine my pleasure when this showed up in November 2012: an adorable picture of her taking some garments to the dry cleaners while wearing no makeup.

She totally has that girl-next-door thing going and there’s absolutely zero glam to her. That hideous shirt and hair don’t help. But she looks happy.

There you ago, the perfect picture to look at when you feel like hating on Amber Heard.

amber heard no makeup tight pants


  1. Ken says

    No matter what color her hair or if she has makeup on this is one lady of Hollywood that is an absolute beauty. Guys that have been in relationships with her I envy for she is amazing.

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