Amanda Seyfried Without Makeup

Amanda Seyfried Looking Good

Beyond the fact that she is ridiculously lovely and very possibly the only adult natural blond on earth, there are two interesting facts about gorgeous actress Amanda Seyfried. First, she?has a dirty word tattooed on the?in-step of her foot. Second, she played porn star Linda Lovelace in a feature film about her sordid life, supposedly being released in December of this year.

Of more mainstream interest, the 26-year old also stars as Cosette in the film adaptation of Les Mis?rables. I’ve seen previews and I’m sure she will be great, but the movie will be way too long and have way too much singing and emotion for any normal person to want to sit through. We’ve all seen it on stage with our parents and it’s great, but once is enough.

Lovely Amanda suffers from an affliction that plagues many natural blonds, which is blond eyelashes and eyebrows. This horror show is easily remedied with makeup, but a true blond’s appearance without it can be dicey. There are pictures galore of Amanda without makeup, suggesting that she doesn’t mind being photographed au naturel, but she should. Because Amanda Seyfried without makeup does not look so good.

Amanda Seyfried Without Makeup

In the first photo of Amanda with a bare face, she looks perplexed. Where is Channing Tatum? she wonders. Where is Alexander Skarsgard and his penis? We’re all jealous of natural blonds’ hair (as a bottle blond, I can attest to this), but without eye makeup, they can look truly awful.

The second photo shows the blond curse even more closely. Amanda has really beautiful hair and really gigantic, widely-spaced eyes. Properly adorned, she looks amazing. Bare, however, not so great. She looks very washed-out and it’s unfortunate. Keep your dark glasses on, my dear. Please.

amanda seyfried no makeup

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