Super Cute Amanda Seyfried Gets Drunk, Raps And Wears a Frog Mask

Amanda Seyfried in a frog mask on EllenAmanda Seyfried is a gorgeous girl, there’s no doubt about that. And a little eccentricity is always alluring. But this week, Amanda Seyfried has confirmed something that I’ve kind of had a hunch about all along: she’s fuckin’ nuts.

While promoting the much hyped-up Les Miserables, Seyfried has managed to get drunk on Letterman and sing Tupac while wearing a frog mask on Ellen. And this was within the same week.

The first time I realized Amanda was a little batty was when I watched this interview of her on Conan:

It was during this interview that Seyfried discussed her fondness for taxidermy. And it wasn’t even her penchant for stuffed dead animals that made her weird in this interview.

Her cadence is just odd. Remember that episode of The Twilight Zone where the old lady lives completely alone in the middle of nowhere, seemingly not having had human contact in years? If that old lady were to appear on Conan, the interview would’ve been less bizarre than this one.

But yeah, the taxidermy thing is pretty damn weird, too. Conan makes a joke about her stuffing JC Chasez, and a spacey Seyfried replies:

“You don’t taxidermy people, although it would kinda be cool if you could.”

She then talks about her collection of taxidermy:

“I have a horse. I have a three-week-old?miniature horse. And then I have a chick named Linda.”

Conan acknowledges how insane this sounds, and then presents her with a dead stuffed raccoon, which she’s over the moon about. She starts playing with its limp, dead foot for the remainder of the interview.

Amanda Seyfried-Crazy Hot or just Crazy

Then, during this Tuesday’s interview with David Letterman, Seyfried admitted she was wasted. I guess the audience assumed she was half-joking, but then she added that she’d had about three drinks before the interview. Was she actually drunk or was it just her natural, crazy charisma? Who knows, really?

She did add, however, that she usually has some “liquid courage” before nearly every live interview. So perhaps Amanda Seyfried isn’t fucking nuts. Perhaps she’s just drunk. Either way.

Seyfried then stopped by the Ellen DeGeneres show this week, as she continued to promote the movie. And this happened:

Basically, Ellen presented her with some sake and a frog mask to reenact a karaoke night out. There was no hesitation. Seyfried went with it and belted out Tupac’s “California Love,” as if this were a totally normal thing to do. After she finishes, she keeps wearing the damn frog mask and then takes another sip of sake.

Honestly, I can’t decide if Amanda Seyfried is just another nutty-ass celebrity or my goddamn hero.


  1. Jericho says

    Hero! True nutty ass celebs have train wrecks for personal lives and she doesn’t. She has a pretty stable personal life, especially for an actress. She just seems extremely eccentric and off the wall. She would probably be fun to hang out with.