Amanda Bynes Without Makeup

Amanda Bynes Looking Good

Poor Amanda Bynes is a joke. For those of you who live under rocks, the 26-year old was once a moderately successful actress, who then exercised some poor judgment, in the form of 2 hit-and-runs, a DUI charge, and driving on a suspended license, all within the span of 6 months. Soon she?ll disappear from the public eye, only to pop back up in a few years having found God, methamphetamines and/or a porn career.

It?s a shame, because while she was not a good actress, she was cute and twinkly-eyed, and Amanda Bynes without makeup looked adorable. Insanity and legal problems aside, it seems that Amanda experienced the frustration common to many actresses who rise to fame at an early age and are cursed with adorable, round baby-faces. They get sick of being cute, they want the public to recognize how mature and edgy and sexual they are, so they become skanks.

Amanda Bynes Without Makeup

The first photo of Amanda without makeup was published in People Magazine?s May 2009 Most Beautiful People issue. At that time, she had not yet become a laughing stock and was riding on the success of Hairspray, in which she played Tracy Turnblad?s best friend. Photographed without makeup for this photo, she looks really beautiful. She admitted to having skin problems as a teenager, but her complexion is very clear and even here, and her eyes are amazing.

Amanda also looks really lovely in the next photo of her with a clean face.?The natural beauty of her face is very striking. Her eyes are gorgeous, her skin looks great, and?she has a?nice smile. She’s just overall very cute. And it?s sad. You should have embraced the cuteness, Amanda. You had it, you squandered it, and now you are condemned to being your generation?s Tara Reid. Sorry.

Amanda Bynes Without Makeup

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