Amanda Bynes Put On Psych Hold For Setting Fire To Old Lady’s House

amanda bynesAnother day, another story of Amanda Bynes casually trying build an explosive device on an old lady’s driveway. Does this girl ever take a break?

Well, the 5150 hold that she was placed under might go some way to helping her kick back and take a few days off from ‘pulling a Britney’. Although to Amanda’s credit, Britney never played around with matches in some stranger’s driveway. Bonus points for creativity, Amanda.

The best place to start is always the beginning, so let’s begin there. Amanda was photographed shopping in Santa Monica on Monday afternoon looking like she just rolled out of bed. Not in the ruffled, sexy, effortless kind of way, in the ‘I didn’t get in until 4am and I’ve only just gathered up the energy to throw on whatever’s vomit and beer-stain free and go out in search of Red Bull and fried chicken’ kind of way.

amanda bynes bloomingdales

If it weren’t for the fact that her shop of choice was Bloomingdales, I’d applaud her for being just like the rest of us. The next few hours must have been bat-shit crazy because the next time anybody saw the former actress, she was crouched in a driveway in ?Thousand Oaks, CA, warming herself around a homemade campfire.

One of the residents was understandably concerned that the girl from ‘She’s The Man’ was attempting to set fire to a rag on top of a gas tank just a few feet away from his neighbour’s home, and called the police. Speaking to reporters, the man said that Amanda was lay on the ground with the left leg of her trousers burning away merrily, but managed to extinguish herself and there didn’t appear to be anything wrong with her. Aside from the obvious. Also, her dog appeared to have been burned, but sadly there’s not a whole lot of information about that floating around.

The driveway in question belongs to an elderly lady who had never even heard of Amanda Bynes until she decided to build an explosive device at her front door.

amanda bynes mug shot

That’s her mugshot from May – a 5150 hold isn’t technically to do with any criminal activity, so there won’t be a fresh one around until the next time she throws drug paraphernalia at innocent passers-by. The Ventura County Sheriff’s department spoke to Hollywood Life about the amateur pyrotechnics:

Amanda Bynes is currently hospitalized on a 5150 hold. At first the fire dept was called on the scene and then the deputy?s office. She had started a small fire on someone?s driveway near the sidewalk. It was not her home. After being questioned, it was determined that she met the criteria to be put on a 5150 hold. This means she was either a danger to herself, a danger to other or/and gravely disabled.?She will be evaluated at the facility and can hold her for up to 72 hours.

Wouldn’t you just love to hear what she said to police officers? If it didn’t involve one of them being repeatedly called ugly, then there’s really no point to anything anymore. Chin up Amanda, you can still bounce back from this. Probably.


  1. CNJ says

    I get that I’m old and don’t know the young actors, but is she really famous enough to be doing this stuff? At least Lindsey Lohan had starred in hit movies before she lost it.