Adam Lambert Holds A Bloke’s Hand: World Gets All Like “Whaaaa?”

Adam Lambert, American Idol, Adam Lambert Gay, Adam Lambert BoyfriendOh God. Adam Lambert, you’re a disgrace. A disgusting disgrace and a total affront to humanity. You make us ill.

How could you, Adam Lambert? How could you – we can barely bring ourselves to say this – dance in the same club as Ryan Phillippe‘s stupid face? We don’t mind you dancing in the same club as Ryan Phillippe behind closed doors, but going out and rubbing our noses in the fact that you enjoy dancing in the same club as Ryan Phillippe? Ugh, Adam Lambert. Ugh.

Incidentally, Adam Lambert was there dancing with a man. Apparently he’s gay or something.

We think we’ve got it. We think we know why Adam Lambert was such a sensation on American Idol. It’s because he was the first contestant for years to have any kind of mystique. Usually American Idol contestants fall over themselves to reveal every single vaguely tragic episode that’s ever happened to in a hapless bid to inspire pity in the viewers, but not Adam Lambert. Adam Lambert liked to keep things secret.

Chief among the secrets was the issue of Adam Lambert’s sexuality. Was Adam Lambert straight or gay? The answer, clearly, was ‘Who cares? And why am I watching this rubbish, anyway? I think it’s giving me a stroke’ – but the subtle clues were there if you wanted to look hard enough. The clues included Adam Lambert’s love of flamboyance, his unabashed ability to freely emote, the internet pictures of him kissing men, the fact that he’s actually got a boyfriend and the way that an American Idol judge has openly admitted that Adam Lambert is gay.

He’s a mystery wrapped in an enigma in a conundrum bag, that Adam Lambert.We’ll never get to the bottom of him.

And on Monday night, as Adam Lambert was photographed flirtatiously holding the hand of a male interior designer by the name of Drake LaBry on the way to a Hollywood nightclub, the mystery deepened even further. Is Adam Lambert gay? The truth is we just don’t know. MTV reports:

The photos of Lambert and LaBry holding hands as they left the club lit up the Internet on Tuesday, and one unnamed onlooker said the pair were “dancing very closely together, very flirtatious inside”. Ryan Phillippe and girlfriend actress Abbie Cornish were also reportedly smooching in a booth near Lambert and LaBry. Another anonymous gawker told the magazine, “It was cute to see two couples ? one gay and one straight ? acting the same and nobody caring!”

Damn it Adam Lambert, why do you insist on being so sexually ambiguous? Yes, you were holding hands with an interior designer called Drake LaBry and dancing closely with him in a club, but that doesn’t prove anything. Drake LaBry is about as butch a name as you could ever wish to hear, and interior designing is the exclusive pursuit of the relentlessly masculine. And Adam Lambert might have been holding his hand because Hollywood is a big place and he didn’t want Drake to wander off and get lost.

And maybe Adam Lambert was dancing so close to Drake because Drake suffers from a rare kind of agoraphobia that makes him terrified if he’s not sharing constant over-the-jeans genital-to-buttock contact with another person. See? This mystery is so deep we couldn’t hope to ever penetrate it.

When will you give us the conclusive answer we deserve, Adam Lambert? And by ‘conclusive proof’ we mean ‘internet video of it going in’. WHEN?

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  1. Dunsa says

    Mr Stuart Heritage, (maybe that’s a bit too polite!)

    Let me say 4 words to you and listen well!! YOU ARE A DISGRACE!!! I wonder what will take to stop you from destroying Adam’s reputation? Get a live and SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

    Adam is going places you have never heard of, the whole world has been waiting for a kid like him to come along and bring awesome music to our lives!! Do we care if he’s gay, absolutely NOT!!!

    Maybe you are just jealous ’cause you want Adam to hold your hand!

    Enough of this crap!

  2. Chuck Feather-Slap says

    You are a disgrace for saying that! You are the type of person who holds the world back from having peace! grr I hate people like you. Seriously you are a dickhead even if you were joking how is he a disgrace or disgusting what because is gay or because he won’t tell I’m seriously confused! Why do you even need to know?, I’m postive I want to know just as much as you but if he doesn’t want to tell us, just take it like a man and don’t say shit about him.

  3. Heather says

    What a ridiculously stupid blog. First of all, who cares what Adam’s sexual orientation is: The man has amazing talent. Secondly, Adam has been anything but ambiguous about his sexuality outside of blatanting saying, “I AM GAY” on national TV. Adam has been fearless and open about who he is on national TV, and has said outright, I have nothing to hide, I am who I am. I dont know a single straight man who french kisses men, dresses up in drag, says in a video on you tube that kissing women is not his preference, and holds hands with another man he calls his boyfriend. Tell me, what is ambiguous about that?

    Please write about something else and let Adam live his life, we are tired of hearing people like you in the media making an issue over a non issue.

  4. casey says

    Even a video would not be enough unless he shouts ‘I’m gay!’ at the penultimate moment. Otherwise the press will continue to ‘speculate’. I love it!!!

  5. eric says

    Hey, you guys. Lighten up. The blogger just wrote a humorous blog, enjoy it. Something is wrong if you can’t detect the tongue-in-cheek behind it. FYI, I’m an Adam fan and voted for him. A witty blog is no disrespect. Anyway I’m still in withdrawal from AI and any news or write-up on Adam is good news, ‘disrespectful’ or not.

  6. anya says


    Yeah theres lots of prurient immature press out there but his blog isnt it – its making fun of all that press! so RELAX.

    And yeah Adam is as hot as they come and I’s saying that as a straight women


  7. Sarah says

    You ARE definitely a HUGE DISGRACE to spill your ignorance in front of us. I’m not an American, but when I read ignorant stuff like this one, I want to believe that most of the Americans don’t feel that way. You should be ashamed of yourself for even thinking that way. It’s only showing your ugliness and your primitive /old fashion /sexual racism opinions.

  8. Joan says

    Thank you for a good laugh! Love your type of humour and making fun of all those that don’t mind they own business!

    Adam is a marketing genius and also a heck of a person for refusing to label himself in words as sexuality is just part of a person and therefore the label GAY/LESBIAN/TRANS/BI should not be used for anyone. Equality is only truly reached when something is a NON-ISSUE!

  9. Jlena says

    OMG! LOL! This is And almost as ambiguous in whether or not its serious or funny as Adam Lambert is himself about being gay or straight. I loved it. Very funny and very true–what a bruhaha. Next on the media circus hunt–whether or not Angelina Jolie likes kids.

  10. Karin says

    First of all Adam Lambert was such a sensation on American Idol, because he is a great artist. Love his music and his style and will definitely buy his CD. If he loves a man or a woman doesn’t really concern me and is his choice. I don’t need him to shout out that he’s gay, for me he has never hidden this fact during American Idol. And there is nothing to hide, that’s totally o.k.! It was good he got in public with Drake, people will get used to them and they can live on – and by the way he and Drake are a hot couple!

  11. Liz says

    This was a hoot… and Adam is as hot as they come–and I’m saying that as a GAY woman!!!

  12. Thelma says

    I love your article, and I am a big old Adam Lambert fan, and I do mean old. This is good, it makes me laugh. A lot of people don’t get it, but it shows how uptight everyone really is.
    I guess some people really do need a picture, and what the heck, why does anyone really care so much about his sexuality, it’s not as if he will ever sleep with any of us. His fans have to lighten up and keep enjoying his very prescence, along with his performances.
    Rock on, Adam, oh, the price of fame.
    Deal with it Adam, and a lot of us older females got your back, even many of us older black women, baby!

  13. Jennifer says

    This is hilarious. And as for all of you people who just don’t get satire, you worry me. You really worry me.

  14. Sam says

    All the overly sensitive Adamtards need to chill out. He was being SARCASTIC with the you’re a disgrace comments. WTF?! really……

    I second the request for video verification of Adam’s gayness btw…. please and thank you :)

  15. Don Hofmann says

    How can you find this post funny? Sorry, but I don’t find it funny!
    It’s only proving that no matter what, people won’t leave Adam alone with this sex orientation issue. What about concentrating on his music and his beautiful nature, or what he has to say to children to embrace their artistic weirdness? Why don’t you deal with these kind if issues instead of his sexuality? I’m really beginning to feel bored.

  16. Trish says

    THANKS for a great laugh.

    What’s up with the nut cases thinking you’re dissing Adam Lambert? For those whose reading level tops out at second grade: This article is satire. The writer is actually saying that those who speculate on Adam’s sexual preference have their heads in the sand, that Adam hasn’t hidden anything and is quite happily living his life as he always has. And good for him. The writer is poking fun at all the fan mag stories about “the boyfriend” as though it were REAL NEWS.

    Again, Stuart, fun article. Thanks.

  17. says

    Whoa – lots of people who left their sense of humor at home it seems like!

    I’m glad I kept mine intact :-) Thanks for that hilarious piece.

  18. Linda Reid says

    Let me say four words to you stupid, “Who gives a damn!” Everyone knows Adam is gay and we could care less dude! We love Adam because he’s got the balls to be himself. See everyone! Adam is not hiding in the closet like a lot of you would like to see him do. Who gives a shit who Adam sleeps with or dances with or holds hands with. Don’t you get it dude? We love Adam for Adam and nothing else. Get a life!

  19. Lucy says

    This was very funny!! lol i like your sense of humor. Relax people he is just being sarcastic and making fun of the press, not Adam.

  20. Amanda says

    Are you being serious? Did we even read the same article? I’m a huge Adam Lambert fan. I thought this was hilarious. He’s not putting down Adam Lambert, he’s making fun of the press and the fans that continue to speculate despite the fact that Adam is clearly gay. I thought this was hilarious and well written! And it wouldn’t surprise me if Adam thought the same. Also I have no idea why you think this would destroy Adam’s reputation. The whole message is that he is gay and it doesn’t matter.

  21. fabgab says

    Wow. It seems that many Lambert fans have an eye for irony that’s as broken as their gaydar.

    This article is hysterical folks. Adam is probably laughing his ass off at it since unlike you he actually has a sense of humor and is intelligent and witty enough to know irony when he sees it.

    I-RON-Y. Look it up!

  22. Lia says

    I think Adam should really toss a monkeywrench at the world and show up at a club holding the hand of a female. Lol I love him!

  23. Jersey says

    Drake and Adam sounds soooooooooooo nice! These two men are hot! I love that Adam is with him. Have you guys seen a close up of Drake? Total Hottie! The fact he is an interior designer…Hottie! They both have great style and fashion sense. In fact it makes sense for Adam to be with another artist! It is so hard for folks to find anyone to share their lives with today why would anyone bug out on Adam finding love and happiness? I mean clearly Adam looks happy and I like Drake immediately because of it. Adam is a fantastic singer and performer. Drake was in the audience showing his support with Adam’s family. I think that is wonderful. I hope the media doesn’t try to mess their relationship up. All of those cameras flashing at you can be blinding. Maybe the photographers can give them more breathing space next time they go for front page coverage. Anyhow…can’t wait to see Adam on tour with AI and can’t wait for Adam’s first record. Want to know if Adam works out and if so what is he into (i.e. yoga, pilates?) Does Adam sell any clothes yets? Boots? Belts? T-shirts? Loved the jacket Drake was wearing!!!!!!! Go Adam! Go Drake!

  24. Juan says

    What I want to know is the media said they were in the club having drinks and then they show Adam leading Drake to the car. Then Adam goes to the driver’s side and gets in and drives away. In fact, they show Adam honking the horn and pulling out onto the street; like hey I own this…move. All very in control and I LIKE IT. But, hey…you can have one or even maybe two drinks at a club and wait it out and dance and burn off your beverage before you drive. So media…make sure when you send a message like Adam is drinking (vodka and then you show him driving) – that you don’t make him sound like he is breaking the law. I go clubbing with my friends and I have one drink with them at the begining of the night. About 3 hours later we leave and I drive them home. None of us have more than 3 drinks out because none of us are stupid but still, we are safe. I didn’t like that you implied Adam drinks and drives. He is obviously a stand up guy from everything we have seen on AI.

    And to Adam about Drake. Our family thinks that it is great you have someone. Man or woman it doesn’t matter. The even cooler thing is we’ve seen Drake with your family and he is clearly part of your family and we love that. Great support system, you are blessed.

  25. Swordfish says

    Hmmm, bar and drinks. Adam could sell Vodka commercials! He is so fine!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. KZ says

    To those of you bitching at this guy who obviously knows the meaning of satire and sarcasm.. quit being so silly! I’m probably the biggest Adam Lambert fan of the lot o’ ya and I was cracking up at the end.

    Chill girls. I think somewhere Adam is laughing at this one.

    Kudos to Stuart.. I may even visit this site again.

  27. HannaB says

    This article was hilarious ! Thank you for understanding! Adam would be laughing along with those of us that understand satirical humor! :)
    Love, love Adam, no matter what makes him feel happy and fulfilled!

  28. spooky says

    Glad to see Adam enjoying a well – deserved night off!! Who cares if he is gay? His talent is exceptional, he is beautiful, and he seems to be a nice, down to earth person who is kind to everyone. He made American Idol worth watching this year – hope to buy his CD soon & hoping he will soon be on tour – by himself though without all those other boring contestants.Hope Adam stays happy forever!!

  29. Lindajean139 says

    I cant’ believe so many people didn’t pick up on the humor of this article. I was laughing so hard I was in tears!! Is there no sense of humor left? It’s all written in heavy sarcasm and tongue and cheek style. It’s hilarious. I am a die hard Adam fan and can see a mile away that the author is poking fun at the media for their fascination for the obvious. Come on people lighten up!!
    Stewart Heritage you are hilarious!!

  30. says

    Ok, just to let the hecklers out there know that 99 % of us are ADAM LAMBERT forever fans and if some of us get a little bent out of shape over articles like this it just goes to show you that we take it personnely that anybody make fun of him or say anything negative in any way. So if you are just trying to be funny, frankley it didn’t work. Adam has touched so many people that it has had a amplified effect on the world. Go Go Go Adam. WE LOVE YOU !!!

  31. Ammara says

    That is so funny! But what is even more funny is the fact that some of the people who have written comments don’t get it! Come on people! Haven’t you heard of sarcasm? It was hilarious! I think it is the many women out there that want Adam who can’t accept it. They think that they might actually have a chance! LOL!!

  32. Wilfried says

    Thanks, I thought this article was a riot! FINALLY someone who gets what it’s all about. i’m sick of these “omg, does this mean he’s gay??”, “the *possibly* gay singer AL went out with a interior designer with whom he happened to hold hands in the street in WeHo.”

    And for all the basket cases who are unable to understand satire, I feel really, really sorry for you. Though of course you’ll never know it since like 99% of n00bs you never read other people’s comments… Actually I’m not sure you even read the article.

  33. insufferable_know_it_all says

    I know you are joking about the “You are a disgrace” but still you are wrong for that. There are going to be enough people who think that just because the love of Adam’s life happens to be another man.

    You humor is not funny. Don’t try to audition for the Jay Leno show.

  34. Brucek says

    Adam has a huge International fan base. For a lot of his fans English is a second language so when they read something they will take it literally. I know I travel abroad a lot for my work and when I am translating articles into English I tend to do the same thing. My sister in law is French and born and raised in France. She does not understand our sense of humor because she is taking what we said literally or word for word. What the author is conveying here is how absurd the whole issue has become and he is poking fun of the media for their incessant speculation of Adam’s sexuality. The media keeps saying that Adam has been ambigiuos when in fact he’s been quite the opposite. Don’t get upset if some take it literally, just explain to them the real meaning.

  35. ianaleah says

    I enjoyed the speculation of Adam’s sexuality. His comments dancing around the issue were priceless, witty,charming,delightful and effectively ending the nosey busybodies rudeness.
    I’m a glambert- and straight,gay,bi-I love this guy. Adam rocks my world. Heck, we ladies always like the guy we can’t have. Geeze!I like Adam Lambert, so Drake is probably pretty great too if Adam likes him.OK with me.I just got to hurry and watch an Adam performance video. Still addicted to Adam.

  36. carey says

    It is funny how people like to judge others just because they are different, I love Adam I think he is hotttt…and he was the only reason I watch american idol. I think that he is great and he has talent and despite what people say he is going places and I just can’t wait to buy his CD.

    Sweetie, be proud of who you are and just know that your fans love you the same, make us proud and show them what you got.

    I love Adam

  37. Anon. says

    get a life. geez, go post your stupid whiny complaints in your own little girly diary. oh wait, sorry, are you a guy? you sound like a girl, with all your complaints and squealy little whines.

  38. Laurie says

    Ok, LISTEN UP! This BLOG is dangerous. You may have thought you were being funny and satirical, but this is America. We have some real crazies here. So when someone happens to GOOGLE Adam, and you see this article as the first one, calling him a “disgrace” MANY CRAZIES will take this as TRUTH and it could endanger Adam. Please don’t do this. The guy is talented, sweet, and is living his life. He doesn’t deserve to be maligned in any way, even if it’s in “fun” because there are too many who will take this seriously. Please be careful, writer, about what you say.

  39. Ashlyn says

    I love Adam!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant get enough. Glad every one seems fine with his life, that is none of our concern, but that is the price of fame, unfortunately.
    Adam was born to entertain, when ever he sings it is like he is in a different zone. He is so beautiful. He seems like the kind of person you would want to hang out with and he would be a great friend. I hope he makes good choices and uses that incredible talent to inspire with beautiful music.
    I want a life size poster!!!!!!!!!

  40. Jessia says

    Hahaha, great article.

    To bad 80-90% of the people commenting are RETARDED because they completely miss the point of it.


    It makes me sad how few people understand wit anymore.

  41. Jessia says

    You are an idiot. Seriously, learn to read. Actually, learn to understand the concept of satire and comedy. You are the disgrace.

  42. says

    This was seriously making me laugh. Bravo <3

    Unfortunately, there are still so many people who won’t believe he’s gay til they see a big, ‘I AM A GAY’ on the cover of a magazine. Not that it even matters anyway. He’s awesome regardless.

    Although, yeah, if we get proof on video of his gay-ness then that’s even better xD

  43. Marilyn says

    First of all… yawn, boring. What makes me sick is that when you google Adam’s name headlines like this pop up. Why does the media have to make Adam appear in a bad light to people not acquainted with him when he’s such a great guy. Guess they’re just trying to ride on Adam’s coattails. Love Adam to death and want nothing more than for him to be happy. The media just needs to let him live his life. So tired of them exploiting celebrities. I’m pretty sure there are more important things going on in the world than beating this issue to death.

  44. Jessia says

    What a ridiculous stupid person you are. To bad you have no reading comprehension abilities or you’d probably see what this article is actually talking about. Ah well, now that I’ve gotten a laugh at the article we can all have a good laugh at people like you.

  45. Kelsey says

    Are you people serious? I’m a MASSIVE Adam fan and I thought this article was absolutely hilarious! Don’t get mad, get glad, guys! Thanks for the funny article, I appreciate it!

  46. Jessia says

    Maybe you’re just jealous because you don’t know how to understand satire?

  47. Paula A says

    Adam Lambert is an amazingly gifted artist who is just beginning what will prove to be a legendary career. I wish him all the happiness this life can bring. GO Adam

  48. Paula A says

    In addition, Thank you Mr. Heritage for exposing all this hooplah as the nonsense it all is.

  49. Andrea in WV says

    Thank you for the laugh — this article had me howling! I adore Adam, but the moronic media’s constant speculation over something so obvious is driving me nuts. I’m glad someone called them on it.

    I hope Adam and Drake are very happy together. :)

  50. bystander says

    I found this article very humorous. The writer purposely used harsh words to promote Adam’s popularity.

  51. kim says

    Please people he was being sarcastic!!!!! He was just pointing out how obvious it is that Adam is gay so why all the crap about it???? Lighten up….Adam would probably laugh at this story!

  52. kleibelx2 says

    Way too funny, Adam would be the first one to burst out laughing. Thanks for putting the whole contraversy in perspective for us. OMG big news flash…..are you ready….here it goes…..Adam Lambert is gay and he’s just living his life like everyone else….Rock on Adam.

  53. maryann says

    Hahaha…..a billion laughs for your article!!! Adam rocks! I cant wait to see his video and watch him perform his songs….I miss him sooo much!

  54. madie says

    Adam hasnt done anything wrong, people….love him and cant wait to buy his albums…Go Adam..

  55. ken says

    I still cant believe that we have a singer like Adam in our midst. I hope he comes out with his album and some videos soon.

  56. WindyAdamLambert says


    Hey! hey! Adam…no MATTER’S we all LOVE YOU!!!! We love you for your sincerity and most for your talent with the AMAZING voice you have….

    Adam’S Rock!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

  57. Adam is Gift from God says

    Yes, the article is funny, but to someone who is intelligent and understands the irony and satire. Unfortunately, there are a lot of nuts out there who voted for Kris or lambast Adam on the internet because of unreasonable hatred towards Adam, and I fear that these types of articles could fan that fire. I remember seeing someone quoting the Spoof article on Robert Plant and Led Zeppelin re: Adam as TRUTH, which is wasn’t. We have to be careful, seriously. If anyone has perused the internet lately, there are some Adam bashers out there that scare me, and Adam fans need to be his supporters in every way, even when making fun of the media because some will take it the wrong way.

  58. beth says

    im jealous! we are all just blue ’cause we won’t get our tuesday Adam fix anymore.. and have to shoot up any photo of him available! love the article. I too think Adam will chuckle.

  59. David Niel says

    LOL. At least ONE journalist/blogger GETS IT!… (and Adam’s true genius). Very funny! :-) I mean, evidently Americans want stuff to be put in bold, italic 124 point type, and preferably spelled out in actual letters, each said aloud… because that thing about pictures being worth a thousand words evidently doesn’t work in certain situations!

  60. Jussie says

    Brilliant satire. Love it and Adam. He’s brilliant, talented, and living life on his own terms. We should all be so amazinglyl brave.

  61. lizzi says

    This is awesome. You officially win at life. I am shaking with laughter across the pond here.


  62. says

    I wouldn’t dance in the same club as Ryan Phillippe. In every single photo of the guy, he looks like he wants to punch the whole world in the neck. Best to keep your distance, is my advice.

  63. SCat says

    Now that was funny and right on the money. We do want our Adam fix but we certainly aren’t fixated on whether he is gay or not. How many ways does the guy have to announce he is gay and how many times before the media will start focusing on what’s important. How damn talented he is!!

  64. maria says

    Ha ha…great article and it gave me a good laugh to start my day. Well, to the ones who did not get your humour…oh well. BTW Kara was right, Adam was never in the closet, he was there showing all his glory for the world to see all along and to force him to admit it that he is gay is plain wrong!!!!

  65. Marg says

    That was hilarious. Thanks for bringing sarcastic relief to the masses. And yet we’ll probably keep seeing “not out yet” headlines until the

  66. Kate says

    Very funny. What’s with all of the dumbs lacking basic reading comprehension skills, though?

  67. valerie says

    Ah! Finally some article pointing to the obvious with spunk. What’s with the denial out there? Mind you, I wouldn’t mind a video of him going at it, just to make sure :)

  68. Leigh says

    Wish Drake were better looking – he looked like an annoyed housewife in the pictures. You’d think he’d join in Adam’s happiness at his new career instead of looking so petulant. Do pictures lie? Hope so.

  69. cypriania says

    How frigging rude. All the media wants to do is focus on things that are none of public’s business. Let him be himself. It may be a joke or some such, but PLEASE! He was in a singing contest, not a “what am I” contest. He owes you nothing, and you owe him an apology for being a jackass!

  70. Blane says

    Funny! Funny! Funny! But please. Even a totally explicit caught-in-the-act video won’t be enough to settle the controversy. Frankly, I’m beginning to suspect the only way it will soak in is if he tatoos “Of course I’m gay, you idiots,” on his forehead.

  71. PGVolley says

    Funny Article… agree it’s Only the Media who cares about Adam saying out-loud his sexual preference. I wish he would Not say it, just to mess with them! The rest of us Don’t Care. He’s an incredible singer, with an incredible voice, the kind that only comes along every 10 or 20 years. We’re Lucky he’s allowing us in his world. Thank You Adam! Stay who you are and keep the gossip mongers guessing… they deserve it if they’re That obssessed and ignorant!

  72. Anita says

    Toooooo funny! I’m waiting for that video, too! (I wore out my discs of QAF and need some new hotness to light up my life 😉

  73. Karla says

    lol, “And Adam Lambert might have been holding his hand because Hollywood is a big place and he didn

  74. willow says

    That was hilarious and spot-on! Seriously, the way the media (and I guess some of the public) are insisting that Adam’s sexuality is a mystery is remarkable. And the fact that they are treating it as if he owes everyone “the answer” is ridiculous. This article is a great way to stick up for Adam!

  75. gena says

    He likes the same places as Ryan Phillippe? Now I wish Kris had won…oh, wait a sec.

  76. Teri says

    Really, I can’t the guy. He needed to be born about twenty years earlier so he could start a “queen” or some other theatrical music group. The guy belongs in that kind of a band or on stage, where he should have stayed. He is SO annoying. The fact that he is gay or bisexual? Who gives a hoot. He has a right to be whatever the heck he wants to be. And him being gay has nothing to do with why people like me do not like him.

  77. giselle says

    We always gonna be in denial,even if Adam spells it out loud,some of us gonna say–this is a strategic move to get more attention–or something insane nonsense like that,…. Adam….beware of the stalkers perception!!Your boy is a beauty ,but he has to learn to shake off the dirt like you do!You’re still a mischievous hotness ,make me so happy to see your love for life!(Adamgasm….. seriously!)

  78. chica says

    That was hysterical! I’m crying!! LOL. I love Adam and hope he’s happy..that’s all. And I love what someone else said about his ability to be in your face and subtle at the same time. Brilliant just like the planet he comes from. Live your life baby and get us some new music soon!!

  79. jowilliams says

    A writer with a sense of humor about this non-issue. You should get an exclusive Adam interview!! Hilarious

  80. Lambert fan says

    Very funny…..

    It’s not that people still don’t know if Adam is gay. It’s just people don’t want to accept it. Most of his female fans who are obsessed with his sexiness are in denial that they need to hear it from his mouth to be completely sure. After these pictures the only hope left for girls like us is to hope that he might be a bi. He can be bi unless he says he is gay. LOL

    LOVE YOU ADAM NO MATTER WHAT!!!!! Your talent made many people fall in love with you.

    Yeah, his bf looks unhappy, maybe cause he is not used to being under spotlights or he is actually jealous of his own bf, who knows, I hope he lightens up…

  81. SporeGlambert says

    OH WOW OH WAAAAA WOW WOW. Drake is cool in a hot way. I’m happy for Adam.

    I LOVE DRADAM and this is coming from me – a gal who do not like gays. But because of Adam, taking an interest in this subject.

    No matter what – I will follow ADam. OUr country is NOT AFFECTED by anything that is said about Adam. We love his songs, his music, his talent and his personality. That is all that matters.

    But I do care also. Adam will never know who I am, but I am jealous of Drake. But happy also because I would rather it be Drake than another gal. Gosh, why am I so confused? So Girls dream on…….dream on… me….drooling now.

    Adam, cherish your talent. We are waiting and there is a fan club here organised for you already. REMEMBER SINGAPORE – YOU MUST COME HERE. WE LOVE YOU. Even foreign workers working here.

  82. Amanda says

    Who give a freak about your article. Are you jealous? Get a freaking life. What do you think Adam, did that, cuz he knows he is being followed by the paparazzi. Why not give you guys more to talk about him? It works isn’t it? The more you can talk about is nothing but Adam orientation, which nobody give a damn about it. Are we supposed to be shocked to all this?
    I am shock how the media react to this nonsense and luv reporting it. Adam’s fans luv him no matter what. Is the music is what interest us about Adam. And the new album that Adam is going to make, and we can hardly wait. We are also waiting for Adam to go on his own concerts. I think Adam concerts will be a BLAST! Adam is a celebrity and still need a respective privacy to all the media out there.

  83. another perspective. says

    Stuart, you are one dirty birdie! You must know you are feeding the Frauen with the belief Adam was just helping his out of town guest from wandering off and getting lost in such a big place. (lol) Enjoy yourself while it lasts. I know I wiil. Thanks for another perspective.

  84. Cristina says

    Hahahahahhahaha, that was hilarious.
    Has someone actually not gotten the irony…?.

    Anyway, amazing how some people just want to believe he is not gay and keep sayin “that doesn’t prove anything”. I’m sure that even if there was a video of him having sex with a man they’d say the same.

    Anyway, brilliant article.

  85. Erin says

    lmao! I’m a hard-core Adam fan, and I think this is HILARIOUS!! and I agree with another poster — Adam would bust out laughing at this!

  86. me says

    “Drake LaBry is about as butch a name as you could ever wish to hear, and interior designing is the exclusive pursuit of the relentlessly masculine. And Adam Lambert might have been holding his hand because Hollywood is a big place and he didn

  87. Harry1982 says

    What a bitter article! The way the writer wrote can be compared to a fired machine gun for several minutes and then it was suddenly stopped without hitting even a single target! Ugh!
    The bottom line: Adam’s personal life is none of our business!

  88. wtdp says

    I think Adam would crack up at this, it’s funny – I just want so much for him to be happy. Keep him warm Drake, or I will haha (and isn’t it awesome that nobody knows if I’m male or female saying that? Do you get yet that it doesn’t matter?) Adam’s message is love.

  89. mag says

    I think Adam has taken the right approach to the “media bullying” with his “in your face just living my life actions” and subtle “keep on speculating words” words. In other words, “I have nothing to hide” (I’m obviously gay in the same way other people are obviously straight”) and “I’m already out of the closet” and have no intentions of going “into the confessional box”. Keep on rocking Adam – you rock our world with your talent and personality and you must know that your true fans love you just as you are and want you to be happy in all facets of your life!

  90. sia says

    Is just the title of the article that makes some of the readers think it’s something bad about Adam…I love irony which is not much practiced in US. It’s not nice to people… Which people? The ones that are so nice and fair with Adam? Talking about irony!

  91. says

    ha ha . this article is made of EPIC win! stuart i might just be in love with you, almost as much as i love adam and his fabulosity…

  92. Megannnn says

    i read the story about people saying adam is very rude..
    i rolled my eyes because when he talkes to people on the
    news and things.. he seems like a very nice person? but
    then again, i have never met him or talked to him (even
    though i wish i did)

  93. spooky says

    If we’re delving into Lambert’s private life, how about some articles on Allen & his wife – like did he enjoy the thong she received as a wedding present? Now, if someone asked Allen about his this, the media would be in an uproar. Who cares about an entertainer’s private life – It’s the singing & performance I want to know about. Hope Adam stays happy & hope he goes on tour (by himself) soon !! I’m suffering from Lambert withdrawal!!!

  94. Miki says

    To anyone who thinks this is bashing Adam, read it again. The whole point of the article is duh, Adam’s gay, he’s proud of it, and he’s out. Just because he doesn’t run around screaming “I’M GAY! I’M GAY!” doesn’t mean he’s straight or not gay. Straight people out there, do YOU run around screaming “I’M STRAIGHT! I’M STRAIGHT”? No. :p

    Besides, why in the world does it matter? Adam’s incredible. He’s a showman. He’s a performer. He’s a genius.

    Girls, the truth is even if Adam were 110% straight, there are a whole lot of women in this world with whom you would have to compete, so good luck anyway.

    To Adam and the very supportive and lovely Drake (who was at almost every single performance of Adam’s on AI), I wish you two the very best and hope you are happy. :)

  95. Toxcity says


  96. says

    Who cares if Adam’s gay? He,s still a talented singer just LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!!! He deserves respect. So FUCK ALL YOU HOMOPHOBICS!!!!!!

  97. diandra says

    why can’t you just leave him alone ?! don’t judge him like that !! he’s a great guy ..

  98. Kaitlyn Taylor says

    FUCK YOU!!!! you have no right to diss him that way! He is amazing anyone that would write something like that is a fucken dumb ass!! Adam is amazing and way better than anyone! if you were to write a lie like this that probably means you can’t sing and your jelous! adam is amazing and i will always fight for him no one cares if he is gay because he is fucken hott!! so your on crack if you write something as stupid as this! you have no oppinion so go back to the hole in your moms ass were you come from and fuck off of my BABY!! OR ELSE carma will see to it you will burn in hell or die in a car accident later in life!!!! GO ADAM MITCHEL LAMBERT!!!!!!

  99. PoorAdamWithTheseFans! says

    This was a really funny article and I lol a few times. But please – Adam Fans – calm the fuck down! It is humour – Adam would love this! Jeez!!!