50 Cent Is Bringing Attention To Those Gay Diddy Rumors

50 CentIn the rap world, feuds are part of the territory.? Dudes get their gold chained covered dicks all twisted up, and start battling each other, throwing disses and threats, trying to still seem as hard as the guys on the streets. 50 Cent is in the middle of a whole bunch of fights, 3 of which involve P Diddy, Rick Ross, and Steve Stoute.

And now 50 has taken his next shot at the trio by going low. Real down low, if you get my drift.? Heyyyy!

So I didn’t even realize 50 Cent was fighting with so many people, although I am not surprised.? This is a guy who proved his gangsta-ness by never letting you forget he was shot a bajillion times AND LIVED BITCHES, so you don’t really expect him to be gentle and a ‘live and let live” type of dude.?? Before we get into what 50 did (and then tried to hide), here is a quick recap clueing you in on?why he?is fighting with these 3 gentlemen.

1) The fight he is in with P Diddy (which by the way, I am going to age myself here, but he will always be Puff Daddy to me.? Diddy my ass.? Ha that sounds wrong.? It stays!) has been going on for years.? It started when there was some contract issue with one hit wonder Mase back in the day.? On top of that, apparently 50 thinks Diddy knew that Notorious B.I.G was going to get murdered and let it happen.? Oh, and 50 Cent thinks Diddy’s music sucks (that one I will have to give him.? It does.? A lot.).? They recently fought at a BET awards show a couple of years ago.

2) The fight with Rick Ross started because one didn’t like the way the other looked at him years ago.? A dirty look is apparently on the same level as banging someone’s wife.? They also fought at a BET awards show a few years ago.

3) The fight with Steve Stoute is new, and is probably because Stoute called 50 Cent a has-been on a documentary recently.? Which again, kind of true (waiting for 50 to start a feud with me now).

So anyway, 50 is fighting with all of these people, and instead of going the normal route in these things (a passive aggressive Tweet, a lyric about banging your girl) he took it low.? Low.

50 Cent InstagramOhh shit 50.? You went there.? You went there hard.

Well, except he only went there hard for about 5 minutes.? He quickly deleted the picture, which nowadays?is pointless because there is always someone at their computer ready to right click + save everything.? So even though 50 tried to take it back, the screenshot is now everywhere.? And it’s just a matter of time before one of these guys comes at 50, and hopefully comes at him hard.