5 Celebs with Awe-Inspiring Boob Jobs


Let’s be real, every woman on this planet (let’s be even more real: every human on this planet) has something they don’t like about their body and could change if they could. For a lot of us ladies, titty insecurity is a major issue.

Recently, Kaley Cuoco admitted to having breast implants and frankly I was shocked because those things look damn good. You’d think that in the world of celebrities there would be no bad boob jobs because everyone can afford the best, but Victoria Beckham and Tara Reid have proven that shit wrooooonnnng.

Even in Hollywood, a lot of women do it wrong, going too big, therefore giving an unnatural and hard look. But then there are some who do it just right. As someone who loves and appreciates boobies, while also understanding the pressure to upgrade your shit, I’ve compiled a list of women who got it right in the boob job department.

Nicole Richie


Nicole Richie’s body has fluctuated a lot over the years, between extreme weight loss and two babies. Any woman who has lost and gained weight and had children knows that that shit takes a major toll on your breasts, so in late 2011 Nicole brought her A-Cups to a large B which look natural and flatter her small frame.

Kelly Rowland


Sadly, as women we often find ourselves constantly being compared to other women (especially by ourselves). Now, imagine your best friend is Beyonce, who has got some of the most famous curves in the world. Kelly Rowland has admitted that her A-Cups always made her self conscious, which is why she took herself to a lovely and natural looking small C that, if you didn’t know otherwise, look real and AMAZING.

Kate Hudson


Kate Hudson has potentially the most subtle boob job on the list. The formerly double A actress (basically the smallest bra size for women) was allegedly always insecure about her extremely flat chest, but instead of going over the top (which wouldn’t suit her petit body), Kate merely went up to a small B-cup, and they look just lovely (I spent way too much time evaluating celebrity breasts. It’s fucking ridiculous!)

Kaley Cuoco


Kaley Cuoco was a big surprise for me. She got her breasts done at 18, so I just assumed they grew! Kaley had cute boobs before, but her C-cups definitely suit her broader frame and she’s said she loves them and has no regrets, so I guess everyone wins!

Kourtney Kardashian


Kourtney Kardashian was another celeb who I was surprised to find out had breast implants. Several years ago she took herself from a big B to a big C, but she chose a very natural looking implant that look incredibly natural.

I’m not saying everyone woman needs to go out and get plastic surgery to look good and feel good. I don’t think a tit job will buy happiness. However, if something as simple as a cup size is going to make you feel more confident in your body, than fuck it! Also, just because I think more natural looking tits look good doesn’t mean that if you admire tits like Pamela Anderson’s than you’re an idiot. Do what you want with your body. You get it guuuuurl (fuck, I sound like Oprah or something…)