5 Celebrities Who Really Hate Bras


Celebrities: they’re just like us! They get too drunk to stand up, they secretly love fast food, and they hate bras. Ok, well maybe celebrities are just like me. But man, do I hate bras. I hate them almost as much as I hate pants, and man do I HATE pants.?

If you’re a small C-cup and under, sometimes it’s just nice to let the girls loose. Hell, even when you have huge boobs it’s nice to go without a bra (just a little more difficult). Here are five celebs who take bra hating to a whole new level and have zero trouble blasting some serious nip.

Lindsay Lohan


If there is one thing I learned from Lindsay’s docu-series on OWN (aside from the fact that bitch is still a hot mess), it’s that Lindsay Lohan doesn’t even own a fucking bra. I get that it’s nice to go braless sometimes, but homegirl is a D-cup,?so?that can’t be comfortable! And, not to be a cunt (LOL), but she’s not really rocking the look, either. I get that you’re broke, Linds, but Walmart has some pretty decent and affordable bras, and your titties will thank you for it.

Miley Cyrus


I chose to use a photo from when Miley Cyrus was relatively sexy and fashionable because I’m sick of looking at the blond hot mess she’s been these last two years. ANYWAY, Miley gave up on bras (unless she is wearing one solely as a top) about 3 years ago. Miley has cute, perky boobies that don’t need a whole lot of support, so I can get behind her choice to blast nips. Fuck it. YOLO, right?

Britney Spears


There are two things it has become painfully apparent that Britney Spears does not own: a brush or a bra. And, frankly, I think it would benefit her deeply to invest in both. I love you girl, but you look a mess. I get that Justin Timberlake is a God, and I’d probably let myself go a bit after losing him, too, but it’s been 13 years. You need to pull your shit together.



Rihanna wearing a bra is like is like a Kardashian going a week without posting a selfie. That shit just ain’t gonna happen, and, truth be told, I got no problems with it. Rihanna is the queen of rocking the no bra look and I think she has amazing boobs, so I’m into it.

Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer Aniston is a veteran no bra wearer. She’s been famous for blasting nips since the 90’s, and, you know what? She still looks damn fine doing it.