20 Weirdest Album Covers

tino11Music. Visions. Drugs.

Album covers can often be the aftermath of happy clappy?drug abuse. You might be a boring lump of flesh?in your?real life, but add LSD and suddenly you’re a hero.?Your ideas?are original, you?speak with?the?voice of a?God?and everything suddenly makes sense – at least?it does to?you.

Below are 20 of the world’s weirdest album covers, some of them belonging to the barmiest musicians humanity has ever spawned. Look on in horror, humour or?disgust…

20 – The?Louvin Brothers

Satan is Real


Gee folks, thanks for telling us. This 1920s Alabama Gospel Band were? on their way?home from a lynching when they shot this.?Probably the forefathers?of Satanic Black Metal.

19 – Vikingarna

Kramgoa L?tar 7


Vikingarna, or “The Vikings” were an early 60’s band from Sweden. They were so?twisted that they covered a song by the Carpenters.

18 – Pooh Man (MC Pooh)

Funky As I Wanna Be


Scatological Funk-hop. Have a whiff of that mate.

17 – Millie Jackson

Back to the Shit


Probably married to Pooh Man.

16 – Paddy Roberts

Songs For Gay Dogs


Bestiality in?the early days.

15 – Heino



Here’s another culprit. Heinous and German.

14 – The Brothers Johnson

Light up the Night


The Wayans brothers before they got game.

13 – Manowar



Heavy Metal, or no metal at all! WIMPS and POSERS, get up: Leave the Hall!

12 – Wire

Take a Terrifying Trip to the Past!


Nosferatu… or Peter O’Toole?

11 – Jim Post

I Love My Life


But your?’tache tells a different story…

10 – Barry Louis?Polisar

I Eat Kids and Other Songs for Rebellious Children


What exactly do you mean sir?

9 – Tino

Por Primera Vez


The REAL Emilio EsteVez.

8 – Europe

The Final Countdown


Nothing weird about this.

7 – Lil Wayne

Tha Carter III


Love me! Love me!

6 – Country Church



Not a place you’d like to be.

5 – Richard and Wille

Funky Honkey, Nasty Nigger


Steady on!

4 – Colonel Sanders’ Tijuana Picnic



Drug-running, prostitution and some racist with a bucket of chicken.

3 – Joyce



Not exactly what you’d call a MILF.

2 – Picking Up Girls Made Easy

I’ll Take These Two. You Can Take the Rest.


Best album. Ever.

1 – Ray Conniff

Laughter in the Rain


It was all laughs for Ray as he peddled his?family to the abandoned lot. It would all be over soon.

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  1. gouchout says

    Surely a few of Frank Zappas covers could be in this list – “Weasels Ripped My Flesh” for one – and unlike most of the records in the list, the music’s weirdness matches the album covers strangeness…..see “Lumpy Gravy” or “Uncle Meat”

  2. John says

    Might want to spend more time looking into the Louvin Brothers (#20, Satan is Real). Admittedly, it’s a strange cover, but these guys were a huge influence on some giants (Merle Haggard, George Jones, Gram Parsons, Elvis Costello, to name a few) and wrote some classic songs of fear, redemption, and fervor in the nuclear age. Reverend Horton Heat and Southern Culture on the Skids owe huge debts of gratitude here as well

    The were born in the 1920s, but were most active in the mid-20th century, and, indeed, Charlie Louvin continues to tour to this day.

  3. wapper says

    Rubbish plagerism. I am sick to the back teeth of crappy websites ripping other peoples work off and claiming it as there own.

  4. jobad says

    how do you know he didn’t sell them? then it would be correct as “peddled”…

  5. robnass says

    Actually i think that these covers look preety normal compared to the one bestowed on us by mariachi artist alejandro fernandez called “piel de ni

  6. says

    Ha! I have “I Eat Kids (And Other Songs For Rebellious Children)”. My mom bought me that album when I was — well, a kid. (This was the 70s.) I LOVED that album. “Shut Up (In The Library)” was a great song, as was the title song. All fun songs that be appreciated by kids (and parents) with a more, erm, *sophisticated* sense of humor.

  7. Emtucifor says

    Um. “peddled his family” means “tried to sell his family” as in door-to-door peddling. Did you mean “pedaled his family?”