Everyone From Skins Gets The Sack

Skins cast axed fired sackedFolks, we’ve got some good news, some bad news and some horrible news. Which do you want first?

Let’s start with the good news, shall we: The entire cast of dire TV twaddle Skins are to be made redundant! Yeah! No more undeveloped twatty stereotypes with better hair than you!

That would be so sweet if it weren't for the bad news. 

The twatty stereotypical undeveloped characters are to be replaced by twattier further stereotyped undeveloped characters with even better hair. Fuck. The good news isn’t quite so good anymore, is it? Pretend you haven’t read this bit. Delete it from your brains. It hasn’t happened.

Still reading? More fool you. It gets worse:

After beginning nationwide open auditions recently and announcing that they’re on the look-out for an “Eastern European male and identical twin sisters,” executive producer Bryan Elson confirmed that all current characters will be axed.

This probably means The Cheeky Girls are going to be in the new series saying excellent dialogue such as:

“Towny, why you’re cock not werk?”


“Ow fyuck my pyeriod is own. I bleed downstaars. Dis is sow like reeall lif. Let's dance for no reason.”

The rumours are true, the head of Channel Four is definitely a peanut. Unsalted. With no sense of reality. Obviously. Peanuts don’t have that generally. We’re just clarifying in case anyone from Channel Four is reading. Hi people from Channel Four! You’re dead good at telly! That would be so true if it weren’t false. So close.

The horrible news is that Bono is still alive.

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  1. markie says

    Shi-eeeeet, as Clay Davis would say.

    I read you on a blog-feed-rss-thing-i-don’t-fully-understand and was briefly over the moon when I read the headline.

  2. dan says

    am so pissed off with the people that did that to the skins cast. a luved them so much n chris a luved him the most he woz so hot. why did he haf to die. wel eny way if a saw the people that sacked them a wood punch them ryt wer it hurts so angry

  3. Perky says

    why would you dump the whole cast its not even the same show. I won’t be watching its like starting a whole new show or doing the same show again with completely different people. I would have prefered to see them develop the characters beyond high school instead and just bring in a few new ones.