The 12 Coolest Feminists in Hollywood


Lately, there’s been a lot of talk in the media about feminism. First, there is this whole women who don’t think they need feminism shit, then we have a lot of idiot celebrities (sadly all female) who claim to not be feminists, nor do they understand what the word actually means (*cough* Katy Perry *cough*).

However, there are some badass celebs who proudly announce they’re lady love and pride, mostly recently Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who explained why he’s a feminist on “Ellen” (a clip that’s gone viral). Here are 12 super cool celebrities, like JGL, who happily wave their feminist flags.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

This clip of JGL on “Ellen” explaining how his mama raised him right and why he’s a feminist basically made him exponentially more attractive than he already is. If all men thought like this can you imagine what kind of world we’d live in?!

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  1. ninjamynci says

    You and half these morons are confusing feminism and equality.
    1. Beyonce is the most appalling female role model. Her career is built on the quality of her arse, not her music. Her lyrical content centres around being a sex object ‘ in charge’ – newsflash! Men don’t care as long as they get laid – or being a petty, jealous and vengeful bitch and she’s married to a misogynistic cunt.
    2. Feminism is all about misandry and getting privileges for being female, while adhering to double standards (#yesallwomen, I’m talking to you. NO. Not all women and most tweets are girls getting up themselves because a man glancing in their direction is apparently sexism but posting pictures of a half naked man with a graphic description of what you want to do to him on Facebook 3 minutes later is empowering. Fuck that shit, idiots)
    3. Feminism can’t accept men and women are not the same. They are. Take a look down your pants for starters.
    I usually like or guilty-pleasure like most articles but this is just pandering bollocks.

  2. Alissa says

    To the poster above me:
    1. You cannot be a sex object “in charge.” That defies the definition of being an object.
    2. Feminism is ABSOLUTELY about getting privileges. But not in the way you think. It’s about getting the privileges that men already have, not getting privileges separate from men. The example you gave about women using the yes all women tag then posting graphic sexual comments about men isn’t feminism. They may call themselves feminists, but they are incorrect. Do not bash feminists just because some people who regard themselves feminists don’t understand what it means. Feminism is equality.
    3. No shit we have different organs. That’s the fucking point of being different genders. You know what’s NOT the point of being different genders? Being regarded as different in levels of importance. Try reproducing without women. Try being a hetero/bi/pan/etc-sexual man and enjoying yourself without women. Two genders exist for a reason, and they are both required in reproduction for a reason. Long ago, hard labor was more important than organization in society or intelligence or any other type of personality-based skills. Men naturally find hard labor easier, there’s no denying that, and that’s a big part of why they were seen as superior. However, now hard labor jobs such as construction are seen as no more important than intelligence or personality based jobs, so why are women still “inferior”? They are no worse are intelligence or personality based jobs, so there’s no biological or natural reason for them to be looked down on.

  3. goodchlid says

    I like this post a lot. I wonder why feminism has become so “taboo” as well, when it *really* does just mean men and women deserve equal rights and respect.

    As for the the comment left by ninjamynci…well, let’s just say the KKK uses the same argument (i.e. pointing out physical differences to explain why different groups of people aren’t the same and do not deserve equal rights) to justify persecuting blacks, gays, and Jews.