The 10 Most Unintentionally Terrifying Celebrities


Happy Halloween everyone! Around this time of year you’ll see a lot of Halloween lists that are about things that are actually supposed to be scary (goriest movie scene, best horror movies, scariest costumes, etc.), but not many people focus on the things that are unintentionally scary. Over the past decade a lot of celebrities have fallen into this category of the unintentionally scary.

So, for your Halloween pleasure, I have compiled a list of ten celebrities that give me the creeps for all the wrong reasons. Enjoy!


10. Kanye West


Why Kanye is Terrifying: Kanye West is one of the most intense celebrities possibly ever. He is potentially the most self-loving person in entertainment, which is saying a lot as many celebs are pretty far up their own asses, and he constantly goes on insane rants and tirades that make zero sense. These days he’s been claiming to be a God (he literally has a song called “I am God”) and even Jesus makes an appearance on his Yeezus tour. And have you seen the sets for the Yeezus tour? I don’t think I could even go to that concert, it would remind me too much of when I was four and my mom got front row seats for us to go see “Cats” and the set was so terrifying for me that mom asked two people in row 14 if they would switch with us (which they obviously did) because I was too scared to sit by the stage. Nightmares forever!


9. Tori Spelling


Why Tori is terrifying: Tori Spelling is pathetic and tragic and would probably cut you or lie and say you cut her just to get an UsWeekly cover. She’s the type of person who calls photographers and let’s them know she’s taking her kids to the pumpkin patch, then flips out when they show up. “Don’t take pictures of my kids!” “Bitch, you called US.”


8. Gary Busey


Why Gary is terrifying: See above photo. No, but seriously, Gary Busey is really intense, and have you see him on Celebrity Rehab? He has no mental filters, so he just says and does whatever he wants, and when someone with a face like that says and does whatever they want, it can get truly terrifying.


7. Chris Brown


Why Chris is terrifying: Chris Brown will beat the shit out of you, whether you are male or female. Aside from Rihanna and Frank Ocean, Brown is always in the news for some sort of assault charge or tirade or breaking probation or SOMETHING. He keeps saying he’s a changed man, but fists don’t lie.


6. Kris Jenner


Why Kris is terrifying: I get a real creepy mom from “The Manchurian Candidate” vibe from Kris Jenner. I think she might actually be one of Satan’s right hand women. She’s obsessed with fame and whores out her kids (and grandkids) for it, and I’ve never seen the woman act even remotely genuine. She might be a sociopath. Either way, I find her super creepy.


5. Miley Cyrus


Why Miley is terrifying: Miley Cyrus was Hannah Montana just a few short years ago. Millions of little girls around the world looked up to her, and still do, which means she’s potentially building a child army of little girls who twerk, stick their tongues out way too much, dance with molly, and flash all their junk when the opportunity arises. Need I say more?


4. Mel Gibson


Why Mel is terrifying: Mel Gibson used to be one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. He was super successful and a mega babe. Now what is he known for: being a scary racist/anti-Semite, who built his own church in his backyard and made a really weird/gory movie about Jesus. Hashtag creepy.


3. Lady Gaga


Why Lady Gaga is terrifying: Gaga has always been weird, that is a given, but only recently has she become creepy. I’ve always thought that Gaga was a beautiful girl (see above photo), and even though she did and said and wore weird stuff, she was sexy weird. However, this year she has become full on escaped mental patient weird. Just last week she wore a dress made of old skin! That is some Silence of the Lambs type shit right there.

She also showed up at another event last week with her barefeet covered in baby powder, wearing a type of hospital gown looking thing, all pale faced and wide eyed. She looked like Mr. Burns in that episode of The Simpsons when everyone thought he was an alien. I genuinely think she might be having some kind of breakdown, so maybe someone should call a doctor or something. Either way, she gives me the creeps.


2. Tom Cruise


Why Tom is terrifying: Tom Cruise is kind of in the same vein as Mel Gibson, he used to be a hunky Hollywood power player, but now, due to his religion, he’s considered a bit crazy. I’m not sure if it’s really Tom Cruise that terrifies me, or if it’s Scientology, and he’s just the poster boy. Over the years we’ve heard a lot of spooky stuff about Scientology that makes it seem like a cult for the rich.

Even former members who have broken away from the religion, such as Leah Remini, openly talk about people going missing and it being covered up, brainwashing, and so on. When I was in high school I told people I was a Scientologist. One day, my friend, Scott, asked me if I knew what Scientology was, and I shrugged and said “I assume it’s a belief in science.” He then explained to me what the religion was really about, and I quickly removed it from my ICQ interests. Tom Cruise represents Scientology and Scientology creeps me out.


1. Taylor Swift


Why Taylor is terrifying: I know I’m going to get hell for this, but stay with me for a minute. Taylor Swift scares me for two different reasons:

1) All she does is talk about boys, sing about boys, and cry about boys and in some of her songs she implies that girly girls who wear high heels and mini skirts aren’t as valuable as the girls who wear t-shirts and sneakers. What kind of role model is she for the slew of young girls who look up to her?! It terrifies me that young girls listen to her lyrics and look at her behaviors and think “That’s how I want to be!” I love a good Taylor Swift tune, but she’s kind of a preachy, judgey, uppity, boy crazy bitch.

2) Is it just me, or does anyone else get a real Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction vibe from Taylor Swift? In that song she sings with Ed Sherhahajnba or however the fuck you spell it, she sings about a guy holding a door for her and now they’re going to be together forever. BITCH IS CRAZY! Why do you think guys keep breaking up with her? I imagine after their second date she invites them over and shows them her dream journal where she’s planned their wedding and named their kids. I just can’t with Taylor Swift. She’s too much.

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  1. Julie says

    Anyone who thinks the only thing Taylor Swift talks or sings about is boys should either A) See a doctor for a hearing aid or B) Try to get some understanding of why this all YOU focus on. Just sayin’.
    Maybe the best thing would be to actually listen to a person before writing about them. Try it next time, Krysta. It might improve your credibility.

  2. korra c. says

    this isn’t even a real article it’s just a crazy girl trying to use the internet to bash taylor swift and ed sheeran. which is highly offensive and petty considering the writer of this should be a fully grown adult.

  3. nl says

    you know, about taylor swift, love songs sell faster the most. And no, I’m not a fan of taylor swift.

  4. Robin's Marian says

    Calm down! Can I please point out that Krysta, the author, spoke of more than only Taylor Swift. She has a wonderful point; that all the man in the song did was hold the door open for her, and now she’s dying to know him better. Maybe if she said his eyes were dreamy, or he sweet-talked her. But, held the door? Actually, a man held the door open for me a few days ago. He was around fifty; white hair, wrinkly, but a nice smile. I really would like to know him better, now that you mention it, even though I’m SEVENTEEN! Catch my drift? He wasn’t just bashing taylor Swift here, and he wasn’t really Bashing her, either. He was pointing out a fact, making a point. He bashed Lady Gaga, too. Are you going to defend her Skin Dress? Her Meat Dress? Then stop complaining.

  5. swiftie_jazz says

    i was wondering if krysta motherfucking fitzpatroki bottle holder (or whatever you spell it) understand ever lyrics of Taylor’s songs not all her songs is about bullshits who dumped her
    now i’am going to ask you krysta fitzpatvillegers from the farm(oops) if ever you’re guy breaks up with you in a 27 second phone call or you’re guy has another girl long before you’ve even know or the fans of your famous guy send death threats over you or take you away from people/things/etc that makes you happy just to make him stay or your guys is a bad man always hurts you and makes you cry

    will you stay??

  6. Casual Observer says

    What a bizarre collection of comments. Sounds like all of them need to work on their own identities instead blindly, vicariously, living through their idol. Sad commentary on the state of civilization. (or what passes for it nowadays…)

  7. I love this says

    First name a song Taylor Swift doesn’t sing about a boy leaving her because I honestly cant think of one! It is true! This whole article! Whether it be made up by some girl with HER honest opinion or not! No one has to quote it this girl is getting her opinion out there and that’s all there is to it! I agree with all of these and she isn’t making fun of Ed Sheeran, she simply didn’t know how to spell his name.! Girls who are Swifties or fans of her stop leaving rude comments just because you don see Taylor that way… because she is!
    Thank you for your onions but what was said was said… done and over with!

  8. Sativa Sweeney says

    I so agree! Taylor Swift is definitely NOT scary and she is a good role model. It’s not like she walks around dressed like and talking and acting like Miley Cyrus!

  9. nt says

    taylor swift is a scary slut-shaming bitch, not a good role model at all.
    this whole article is spot on

  10. Attiya says

    Honestly I believe that celebrities should not be held up as role models because they did not necessarily ask to be, but to me Taylor Swift portrays herself as one and i have to agree with your criticisms of her, she does set an example of having to be in love with someone to be complete and that if a man does something nice for you like as you said hold the door then it is love and you owe him that. I just feel that women and young girls should not be told that they cannot dress in heels or dresses or explore themselves because they will not be seen as valuable like a girl in sneakers and in the end she really bugs me with that whole idea of “I’m not like most girls I’m different i wear sneakers and tank tops.” She also makes it seem that if you dress a certain way then you’re a ho and to me she comes off as judgmental. I think the people that comment on this fail to realize that this is a list filled with the authors opinion and by you commenting it does not change hers. Just like you have an opinion about an artist she has one as well just like me and everyone else.

  11. Collins says

    I love taylor she is my role model and taylor is worse that miley!!!?? Is taylor the one tweaking no is taylor the one naked on a wreaking ball in her videos no. Is she the one on stage in a bikini (pratcily). No! So just because she writes about boys doesn’t mean she is creepy. She is being honest with boys so just shut it. Maybe I should get a picture of u and put u as number one most creepy. P.s. taylor if u are reading this im your number one fan. U are so pretty I want to look like u. Also I will awalys back u up when someone says stuff mean about u. I don’t know y everyone hates u.

  12. Tina Daher says

    It’s funny that you don’t even know most of the people you talk about, maybe if you were deeper and tried to understand lyrics, you wouldn’t call people bad things.I thimg it would be much more useful and helpful for people if you did a blog about people you admire instead of ditching there role models.
    Just my thoughts, sincerely.

  13. Tina Daher says

    And by the way, listen to ronan by Taylor swift, Gracie and brought up that way and expand your knowledge about anyone before judging him.
    And I really suggest you don’t talk badly about people like that again.bye

  14. Bob says

    Sorry, but I completely agree with this article. Sure, these celebrities appear flawless, but they aren’t just normal, they are flawed just like your neighbors ex friends, and family. And the comments that you made below the article are just proving the authors point.

  15. Alex says

    Psych 101:

    Insecure and defining oneself through one’s idols in order to feel of value. To align oneself with a “fantasy” group to have a sense of belonging. To admire/look up to an individual based on nothing but an image because of the desire to be like that person……..

    sooooo basically people flip their shit when someone criticizes or makes fun of the image they look up to because they have subconsciously come to see it as a personal attack on themselves…that’s really what all these Taylor Swift comments are about.

    Personally found it all pretty hilarious.

  16. i want to marry taylor swift someday says

    taylor is the sexist person alive ever mother fuker who says something about taylor swift needs to die and go to hell, that also a plies to people who have prevously sead somthing bad about taylor swift.

    taylor swift is heavin and all that bad commints poeple are putting out there are fucked-up peices of shit…

    taylor swift needs to meet me and marry me then all the world, fucked-up garbage about taylor swift will be no more. because i will work till the day i die to love her and end all bad commits about taylor swift…

  17. i want to marry taylor swift someday says

    taylor is the sexist person alive ever mother f*ker who says something about taylor swift needs to die and go to h*ll, that also aplies to people who have prevously sead somthing bad about taylor swift.

    taylor swift is heavin and all that bad commints poeple are putting out there are fucked-up peices of sh*t…

    taylor swift needs to meet me and marry me then all the world, f*cked-up garbage about taylor swift will be no more. because i will work till the day i die to love her and end all bad commits about taylor swift,and make her the happiest person allive…

  18. i want to marry taylor swift someday says

    if i ever marry Taylor swift i would do what ever she wanted when ever she wanted for the rest of my life…

  19. i want to marry taylor swift someday says

    fuck you lilly for hatting taylor swift i hope you die and go to hell