10 Male Celebs That Look Fantastic in Their Underwear


Last week, I did a post about 10 female celebs who had robust rumps. I got a lot of great feedback, but a lot of ladies were like “Hey girl, where is a male version of this?!” Well ladies, don’t get your panties in a twist (or do, if that’s your thing!) because the list you’ve been waiting for is here!

These ten men look so fine in their underwear that even other men can’t help but go DAAAAAYYYYUMMMM. So sit back and enjoy these Tom Hunks in their underpants (see what I did there? #puns #bunspuns)

Cristiano Ronaldo


Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the top soccer players in the world, which, outside of North America, is a pretty huge deal. He’s also an underwear model, a single dad, and boyfriend to mega sexy super model, Irina Shayk. Plus, look at him! Do you know how difficult it is for a man to look good in a pair of skin tight briefs?! You get down with your bad self, Ronaldo.

Ryan Gosling


Ok, technically Ryan Gosling isn’t in his underwear in this pic. It’s even better: he’s in nothing but a towel!!! Ryan Gosling is basically a fucking god, and like Emma Stone pointed out in “Crazy Stupid Love”, homeboy is basically airbrushed. Not only does he look good in his underwear, he looks good in just about everything.

Jamie Doran

christiangrayAt first, I had no interest in seeing the new “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie because I really don’t give a shit about that garbage, but then I saw this picture of Jamie Doran (who is going to play the sadistic Christian Grey) and I thought “Yeah…yeah, I could do that)

Channing Tatum


Well, to be fair, looking good in his underwear is kiiiiiind of Channing Tatum’s thing, ya know?

David Beckham


Let’s be real: no one rocks just some tight briefs quite like David Beckham. The tanned skin, smouldering eyes, toned body, tattoos. He’s basically perfection. One time, in an interview, Victoria Beckham admitted she slept naked. When the interviewer asked why, she responded “If you were going to bed with David Beckham every night wouldn’t you sleep naked?” Good point, girl.

Michael Fassbender


Michael Fassbender doesn’t just look good in his underwear, he looks good in nothing. Have you seen “Shame”? I’m talking some serious full frontal, and he looks damn good, if I do say so myself (which I just did…)

Nick Jonas


This kind of makes me feel like a dirty old pervert, but myyyyyy Nick Jonas, how you’ve grown. Amirite?!

Alexander Skarsgard


Sure, Alexander looks good in his underwear, but you know when he looks even better? When he’s naked. yeah, he looks really good naked. Speaking of hot Skarsgards, his younger brother, Bill, gives me a major wetty, too:



Ricky Martin


Ricky Martin is like a male version of Jennifer Lopez. He’s a sexy latino who gets better with age, and the man can rock a speedo like it’s nobodies business!


Cry me a river, indeed…WITH MY VAGINA!