10 Celebs Who Completely Changed Their Faces


In Hollywood, getting a touch up here and there is basically the norm. Very few people haven’t had a least a little something done. However, some people take it too far or make one move that completely changes their faces and looks forever (case in point: the entire Jackson family).

The following 10 celebrities may not look bas, necessarily, but they sure don’t look the same as they did when they became famous. Occasionally, their change is for the better, but, for the most part, everyone ends up looking like cats (why does plastic surgery make everyone look like a fucking cat, AMIRITE?!)

Megan Fox


I didn’t realize just how much Megan Fox had fucked with her face until I looked at before and after photos of her. Megan is a clear case of two things: 1) That even the most beautiful women are insecure, and 2) That plastic surgery (which people tend to resort to to look younger) ironically tends to age you. Since becoming famous, Megan has gotten a nose job, upper lip injections, botox, and facial fillers that are meant to lift the face, but often just end up making the face look weird, bloated, and aged.

Kim Kardashian


I think that Kim Kardashian was actually a very naturally beautiful girl who is now morphing into a cat/Kris Jenner hybrid (to be fair, Kris is rocking that cat look too). She’s allegedly had a face lift, eye lift, nose job, fat transfer, and mouth corner lift (often call the “joker surgery” which is 100% the surgery that I think ruins most celeb faces, including hers). Kim is still an attractive girl, but I think she looked way better before.

Lana Del Rey


Before she she was the Kurt Cobain wannabe, Lana Del Rey, she was just plain old Lizzie Grant, who was still a pretty girl. Before making it big as Lana, she gave herself an image overhaul: dying her hair auburn, getting fillers in her cheeks, getting a nose job, and plumping up her lips, making her essentially unrecognizable as Lizzie Grant.

Mickey Rourke


Mickey Rourke used to the be on the sexiest, most sought after actors in Hollywood. Then he made a lot of bad lives choices and got ?lot of bad plastic surgery. Now he looks like the second picture (and, might I add, that is a NICE picture of him now).

Ashlee Simpson


Ashlee Simpson is an example of plastic surgery gone right. She was cute before, but getting a nose job changed her look completely and she went from cute to gorgeous. The small change completely changed, but improved her look. Too bad it didn’t improve her career…

Bruce Jenner


Those of you who keep up with the Kardashians know that it was actually nice of my to post this “after” photo of Bruce, who has had basically every plastic surgery procedure possible and went from being a genuinely attractive star athlete to this:


Lindsay Lohan


Hard living, a nose job, lip injections, and face injections, have turned Lindsay Lohan from a youthful beauty to a puffy faced tragedy that looks a decade older than she actually is. ?Lohan is such a tragic figure to me. She had jowls now! Jowls! And unlike my dog, who’s jowls make her adorable, this is not the look for Lohan.

Courtney Cox


I used to think that Courtney Cox was totally the prettiest one on “Friends”, but now she’s doing that “I think I’d like to look like a cat” thing with her facial fillers and mouth corner thing. That, plus the nose job, botox, and whatever the fuck happened to her eye, the formerly gorgeous starlet is basically unrecognizable.

Rose McGowan


Rose McGowan was another one of those young, beautiful girls who looked in the mirror one day and said: “You know, I’d really like to look like a mixture of the Joker and a cat. Yeah, that’s definitely the look for me.” WHY celebs keep deciding that this is “the look” is fucking beyond me! IT’S RUINING SO MANY FACES! SOON HOLLYWOOD WILL BE FILLED WITH JOKER CATS!

Jennifer Grey


Jennifer Grey was a 1980’s It Girl. She starred in beloved classics like “Dirty Dancing” and “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off'”. She was engaged to both Matthew Broderick AND Johnny Depp, and then she did something that ruined her career: she got a nose job. Once she got her nose done, it changed her look so drastically that no one wanted to cast her because she was no longer a recognizable actress. Talk about a bad life choice!


  1. mikayla says

    Oh my god rose McGowan was so pretty she was Paige on charmed when I saw her on this post with plastic surgery I was like that’s rose McGowan?????

  2. Liz says

    I knew that Courtney Cox had had some work done but putting these two photos together really highlights. Just as bad is Tori Spelling…I saw her new show, Mystery Girls, and looking at her made my face hurt. Fake cheekbones, a face that doesn’t move because it’s paralyzed with botox and, yes, very catlike.

  3. Prudence says

    Very few look better with the plastic surgery. Maybe the work is better for tv close-ups instead of the naked eye because some of these women, Jennifer Grey, Lindsay Lohan. Courtney Cox, and Rose McGowan don’t look good. Bruce Jenner and Mickey Rourke look awful with plastic surgery and shouldn’t have done it. However, Ashlee Simpson, Lana Del Rey, and Kim Kardashian look very fantastic and they enhance their look. Megan Foxx looks good to but she has a new face.